Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Friday: Twists of Tartan look...

to my surprise, my MIL sent me this as a Christmas gift:

MAC Twists of Tartan eyeshadow palette

she said that the colors are so me:

isn't my MIL the best? ^_^ i was surprised coz she's not into makeup. unlike my mom, my MIL is very simple. now that she's living in the US with my FIL, she makes sure she sends me stuff that i really like. i remember one time she asked me how come she can't find the brand of makeup that i use (MAC) from Walmart and other drugstores. not that she's complaining that time but i think she'd already spent sometime looking for MAC. i told her that she doesn't have to buy me makeup, but she insisted so i told her she can get it from Nordstrom or Macy's. she then said, "oh, so it must be expensive!" and i sheepishly replied, "a bit, Mom."

so i was surprised when i got a package from her last Xmas. I first saw bottles of lotions and bodywashes...lots of chocolates and then the palette. i was so happy because i never got the chance to get anything from this collection...i called her to say thank you. she even told me "i'll buy you more MAC stuff soon, for now i hope that would do. merry xmas!"


and yeah, my mom started to complain how come she doesn't have any MAC..hahaha, of course, she's kidding!

so for my Happy Friday look, i used my MIL's gift. i hope i can show this to her, but i just dunno what her reaction would be since she's not really into my stuff. LOL

MAC Twists of Tartan eyeshadow palette
In2it waterproof liquid liner
Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara
MAC eyebrow liner in Lingering
MAC brow set in Beguile

Lancome Double Wear liquid foundation
MAC MSF Natural in light
MAC blush in Tippy
MAC sculpt and shape

as you would notice, my face is dry and flaking. i had this 10-step facial (which is very very good, will post about it soon) which includes chemical peel, which i badly needed so now i am peeling like crazy...i look like a snake shedding its skin! oh well, i hope to get over with this peeling soon.

days ago, i shared a picture of this Melissa shoes that i really like on my profile page...she posted a comment: "how much is this? hmmm, we'll see..." now i am getting really embarrassed, i'm sure my MIL is up to something. next time, i'll keep my mouth shut about the things i like.

and NO. i am not spoiled.
really, i am not.


AskMeWhats said...

Your MIL is super sweet! awww..natouched ako na she took all the effort to purchase you something you realy like!!! :)

Pretty Look!

Unknown said...

yeah, she really is sweet :)

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