Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Are you ready for summer?

here's something that I don't really feel ashamed to admit...i hate SUMMER!

well, aside from the fact that I dunno how to swim so i don't really get to enjoy the waters...i also hate getting those nasty freckles and sun spots whenever i stay a lot longer under the sun. i wasn't born with fair skin, but somehow studying somewhere where i got to wear a jacket almost all the time made me a bit lighter (and yeah, all those whitening lotions, soaps, pills, yadah yadah) but since then, I don't get a tan anymore...just sunspots!

when my colleagues started planning for an out-of-town get together months ago, i got excited with the thought of getting to spend time with my officemates without talking about work. but still, the thought of getting baked under the sun scares me. they all seem to enjoy water and the sun...and i don't. sniff!

last week, i was asked to pick up a package for me at the office reception and this cute, summer-y box said HELLO:


i got more excited when i opened the box:

honestly, the first things that caught my eye were the frisbee and the camera!

but of course, the STARS of the package are these two new good stuff from Beach Hut:

Beach Hut Max 100++ SPF

Beach Hut Face sunblock SPF65

I tried these babies and whoa, they are not sticky and no greasy all!
no allergic reactions too. i think i'm gonna love this lotion-type sunblock, as much as i am loving their sunblock spray.

so yeah, i am definitely ready for summer!
i'll be bringing these with me on our outing this weekend, and of course, expect a review soon.

someone's going to play frisbee and taking pictures in the wateeeeerrrrrrr!


Unknown said...

those are the tools i would need to arm myself for summer harshness! hehehe powerful!

Issa said...

you really are special for getting these for free! yay! :) i bought these last night for my boracay trip next week.... :)

KeC said...

cool blog :) i just stumbled upon it. please check out my makeup blog too when u have a moment :)


Rins said...

Wow! SPF 100!

Will definitely try this for the summer!

The Beauty-Addict said...

wow i wanna try Beach Hut Max 100++ SPF ! love the camera :)) its cute!

Jules said...

SCORE! spf 100 and 65! That's so cool. ^_^ I'm not too crazy about summer too and like you I cannot swim at all.

Smolder Me said...

ohh and I love summer! those sunblock i need badly..gotta buy one soon! new follower your blog! xoxo Cheryl

cottasofia said...

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