Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Product Review: Carmex Lip Balm

over the years of collecting make up, i realized i have quite a number of lipsticks already...most of which i haven't been using that much while some remain untouched. the reason? i am not a lipstick-person. though you see me with my FOTDs with lipstick (mostly nude topped with a pinkish gloss), it doesn't stay on my lips for a long time. blame it on my habit of non-stop licking and biting my lips most especially when i'm getting serious or tensed at work.

if there's another thing i can't live without aside from my eyebrow makeup and lash curler, it would be my lipbalm. i always bring a tube with me almost anywhere...i apply it whenever i feel like my lips are drying up, and i don't even mind applying it during meetings. ^_^

i've been hearing a lot of good things about this famous balm in red and yellow packaging. i haven't tried it and i must say i am one late-bloomer when it comes to this brand. i was already planning of getting myself one, when the brand's Philippines distributors sent me these:

moisturizing lip balm
non-addictive and not tested on animals
contains SPF 15

original flavour in squeezable tube

clear gel

cherry flavored lip balm in a click stick
(also available in strawberry and original)

original flavor lip balm in a pot

swatches on lips: carmex from the squeezable tube, carmex cherry in a click stick

what i love:
it goes on clear, so i don't worry bout ending up with very pigmented lips from applying too much (i don't use a mirror when i re-apply my balm..i guess that would be too much if i bring out a mirror and my balm at the same time, anywhere! hahaha)
inexpensive, priced at Php99
now available locally. so yeah, you don't need to ask your relatives or wait for your relatives abroad to bring you these
it has SPF, which is essential most especially now that summer's almost here!
scent and flavor (for the flavored variants) are not too much and doesn't taste weird
gives that minty feeling which stays for a while
helps in the smooth application lipsticks if applied first

what i hate:

i really wanted to love this product, but i guess i am allergic to its ingredient/s because i ended up with super dry, flaky lips! =( i tried the one in the tube first, then the stick and last was that in the pot and they all left me with...

i know most of you love this brand, but well, not everything that works with other people would work for me and vice-versa. too bad, i was actually hoping this could replace my current brand which is a bit expensive.

don't worry, my lips are okay now. and nope, i didn't throw the balms away...i know a number of people who'd love to have it. so yeah, nothing's going to be wasted :)


*crissy* said...

Sorry to hear that Carmex didn't work out for you. Have you ever tried Nivea? Is there an Origins store where you can get a lip Remedy treatment? That's what I've been using at night and it works well for me. I got a full size for free at Origins to try.

Aya said...

Aww too bad it doesn't work as well for you as it does for others. Sounds like a good product, though :)

Miss Shopcoholic said...

aw sayang you're allergic to it.. this is my HG lipbalm. =)

Anonymous said...

i'm addicted to lipbalms,too. too bad you're allergic to this. it's the best lipbalm i know. try Burt's Bees.

Iambrigitte said...

hi Crissy i also use Nivea at times, so far no allergic reactions. we don't have origins here in the Philippines anymore, so far i am using blistex.

yeah sobrang sayang nga Aya and Khymm. I've been reading a lot of good feedbacks on this lip balm. i was hoping that it would work on me too that's why i even tried the click stick and the one in the pot pero ayaw talaga.

chryztyners, yeah i heard this is one of the best nga daw. :( sniff

stormyyskyy said...

I used to live in Iowa, USA (which has very cold winters) and now I live in Utah, USA (which has hot, dry summers). In both places, I go to Carmax click stick in cherry to heal my lips. I'm sorry you are allergic to so many products - I have yet to find anything I'm truly allergic to.

Unknown said...

It must be the menthol in Carmex that irritates your lips. I was worried about it but I quit like it.

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