Monday, March 14, 2011

Casual (Happy) Friday looks

here's a look i created last Friday. I decided to wear something comfy as we were supposed to go out of town after office. I was feeling summer-y that day though the skies appeared gloomy the whole day.

Maybelline eye brow liner
MUFE brow corrector in 01
MAC e/s in Ricepaper (lid), Parfait Amour (outer-V and crease), Carbon (for more definition on outer-V) and Brule (below brow bone)
In2it waterproof liner
Maybelline Stiletto mascara
UDPP 24/7 liner in Zero (waterlines)

Smashbox photofinish primer in green
Purebeauty BB cream
Dermacolor concealer
Palgantong theatrical loose powder
MAC blush in Dainty
MAC Sculpt and Shape

NYX lipcreme in Antwerp topped with Milan

loving my All Fired Up nail polish from Revlon Fire and Ice collection

showing off this cross necklace i got from Forever21

you might have noticed that bruise i have on my hand..i got it when i was confined a week ago. 'twas my first time to be put on dextrose :( the bruise still hurts...sniff

and here's a comfy outfit i got also from Forever21:

i've been wearing a lot of dresses lately. and it's just because my pants don't fit me anymore...uh-oh!


i know it was supposed to be a Happy Friday, but it actually wasn't. and yeah, we were supposed to go out-of-town but decided to cancel it for another date because of the tragedy that struck our brothers and sisters in Japan. I'm sure we all heard (and seen) the news about it, and we're all shocked with what happened. the videos and pictures look like scenes from a movie, so tragic and depressing, but they are real.

i've been to Japan twice before and my mom and my sis lived there for some time years ago. i saw how beautiful Japan is, and how friendly/courteous the people are...and it breaks my heart to see them suffer like this. in as much as i would want to ask HIM why, i know he has the reasons why this happened. HE only knows the reason/s why.

i still can't believe that people and livelihood can be wiped out just like still brings me shivers whenever i get to think of what i've seen in the videos. i'm not sure if mom was already able to contact our Japanese friends, i really hope and pray that they are okay. :(

let us all pray for our brothers and sisters who suffered (and still suffering) because of this catastrophe. please let us all help in whatever way we can. let us all pray to HIM and ask for forgiveness for whatever we've been doing wrong and hope that things like these won't happen again.

Nikki of Askmewhats have posted a list of organizations where we can send our donations, please be cautious in sending help most especially cash because sad to say, there are still people out there who are taking advantage for their own good.

Please checkout her post here

God bless us all.


socialitedreams said...

love the dress and makeup

AskMeWhats said...

Sis, ang sexy mo na pramis! walang aangal! :) :) :)

wawa on your bruise, I hope things are better with your health :)

Bernadette Villanueva said...

You're really a goddess when it comes to ES blending, di ako nahihiya aminin that I'm a big fan! =D

Aww, what happened to you? You're okay na dear?

And yup, agree with Nikki. Sexy padin!

Glenn Encinares said...

I like your Make-up and that pretty floral dress :)

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