Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Casual OOTD...

as you all know, I'm a jeans/shirt kind of girl. on days that i know i'd be walking around a lot, or won't be having any meetings at work... i'd rather be in jeans, shirt and my trusty Melissa shoes:

besides, my colleagues would throw jokes on me whenever i'm wearing a dress or a skirt. guys would ask me if i'll be watching a movie after work, or a date. geesh, what's with dresses/skirts got to do with watching a movie? ^_^

and here's another easy look on days that when I'm in a hurry (but still late) coming to work:

a single shade of mineral eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara for an easy eye makeup

i take a lot of time doing my eye makeup when I'm blending multiple colors. using a single shade of mineral eyeshadow gives the illusion of using a number of colors and saves me a lot of time.

i still wish i can go out without makeup on....it'll definitely save me a LOT of time and my ass from losing my job for coming in to work late ALL THE TIME.


Unknown said...

Aww.. I'm sure you still look pretty without makeup on x

AskMeWhats said...

Casual na casual! Like ko to Jhengsky! Siyempre sasabihin kong PAYAT ka dito at sasabihin mong angle at naka suck in ka! hay, hindi na talaga kita cocompliment, jojorayin mo lang ako! HMPH! umagang umaga na stressed mo ako! (as if you did something) HAHAHHAHAH take care!

Unknown said...

oh livia, have u seen my bare faced pics? =(

ikaw talga nikki, inaaway mo nanaman ako. waaaaaa! hikbi.

Shen said...

hahaha on nikki's comment. :) so jheng to deflect praises but we love her anyway. :)

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