Tuesday, March 8, 2011

new loots...

don't you just love it when you get gifts even though it's not yet Christmas and your birthday is still months away?

From Maybelline:

Hello Kitty Volume Express mascara, Summerset lipstick and eyeshadows

From Revlon:

Nail polishes and lipsticks from the Fire and Ice collection, Colorstay liquid liner in Black

reviews to follow!


mistytewest said...

WOW~!! you are indeed very lucky!!! I always love to see a big box everytime I got home from work...it always reminds me of christmas :D


Glenn Encinares said...

we have the same experienced I also received gifts(I also call this as a blessing) even it's not my birthday nor a late Christmas present :)

I'll wait for your reviews:)

Hollie said...

Lucky You! I rarely receive gifts for my Birthday... huhu

Denise said...

I have the same Summerset lipstick! :)

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