Thursday, March 24, 2011

PONDS Flawless White Challenge Week 2

We would like to thank everybody for supporting Shen & I as we continue with PONDS Flawless White - Unbeaten Challenge. We're on our 2nd week and I am sure you'd want to know how we're doing...yes!?

oh yes, you do ^_^

Our 2nd post is up and to read what's the outcome on Shen on her first week of the regimen,
just click here.

Again, THANK YOU for all the support. If you haven't supported us yet, well, what are you waiting for? LIKE us now...and I mean NOW! (pretty please?)

you can also click on the Like button on the right side of my blog, but it'll still be better if you visit our page on the PONDS microsite and read our story.

stay gorgeous, everyone!


Jenggay said...

Good luck on your Ponds Challenge Ms. Jheng! I'm a newbie here and I really love your blog, I always check for your posts hehe! We have the same nickname also kaya cute hehe!


Issa said...

nice entry! looks like pond's is doing a great job for miss shen's skin! good luck...

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