Thursday, March 10, 2011

Revlon Fire and Ice Collection Part I

my mom got surprised when she discovered that i am buying nail polishes a lot more often. well, i got sort of addicted to nail polishes last year (thanks to Sol hahaha), but most of the colors are in dark shades of violet, blue or black. mom asked me to get "happy" colors as well, and stop buying too much "gloomy" colors. well, now i guess mom finally got her wish...

Revlon Fire and Ice Collection

in 1952, Revlon launched its iconic color collection called Fire and Ice, with matching colors for the lips and tips in a bold, fiery red. today, Fire and Ice collection has been re-launched for today's woman -- who is as bold, confident and glamorous as ever.

for this post, i'll present to you their new shades of nail polishes in the Fire & Ice collection:

Fiery red, Demure, Siren and Temptress

Revlon Nail Enamel gives up to 10 days of lasting color & shine (when worn with Revlon's base and top coat). Revlon's exclusive silk-protein shield works to instantly help even out the surface of the nail while rising above color to automatically smooth away bubbles, streaks and brush marks.

(from Revlon)

229 Demure

168 Temptress

440 Siren

675 All Fired Up

It was my first time to use polishes from Revlon. I didn't know that they have gorgeous range of colors and the shades in this collection is no exception! the finish is kinda matte, but not boring matte. the colors are what my mom can call "happy colors" and it does bring a joyous mood to anybody who will use it. I also love that they are pigmented and the luster stays for days even without a top coat. their new polishes are in light shades of color (except for the All Fired Up) but contrary to my belief, these shades don't make my hands look darker.

The Fire & Ice collection has been available since February of this year. These are limited colors so grab your bottle before they run out of stock.
price: Php 225.00


AskMeWhats said...

Super pretty lahat ng shades nila no? i love the All Fired Up! :) :)

Unknown said...

I love Demure! Thanks for the swatches x

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