Monday, March 21, 2011

Shopping for essentials...

in as much as i wanted to start shopping for clothes, i try hard not to. i still have a few more pounds to lose, which by the way are too stubborn to leave, and i don't want to buy clothes with my current size. i used to measure S and sometimes even XS, but now even M sometimes don't fit well that i have no choice but to get L. sniff. so yeah, i'll try to wait until i shrink back to S.

alright, i might be dreaming too much.

for the past weeks, i've been shopping but only for essentials:

yep, they are all essentials...sort of stuff i can't live without.

again, they are "essentials.."

fine, maybe i need to stay away from Watsons.



Gracie said...

Sis, I can fully relate on you shopping essential trips! Everytime I go for mine, I can't stop myself to pushing my boundaries a little bit for an extra treats specially everytime I see goodies on offer :) I miss you sis... take care xxx

RAE said...

hi miss., how much is the max factor xperience foundation?..

JRA said...

Hahaha. Me too. I also need to stay away from Watsons or else I'll be broke.

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