Thursday, April 28, 2011

NEW Charm Travel Pro for Pre-buy!

oh yes...the newest version of Charm Travel Pro brush set is available for Pre-buy!

This time, it's a lot more sassy and classy.
So order yours now and get discounts and freebies.

For more info, visit BeautyandMinerals.

Ruffa Gutierrez goes BodyTite

if there's one thing that women would wish for (for vanity's sake), it would be to have a svelte and flawless body. but with the lifestyle that most women of today have (like me!) this is as hard as winning the Lotto jackpot prize. sometimes, no matter how hard one tries to work out and diet, there would still be some fats in certain parts of the body that won't just go away. and in case they do, you'd be left with loose skin that would be twice as hard to get rid of.

for those who have had babies already, one part of the body they would be most problematic with would be their tummy. would you believe even Ruffa Gutierrez had the same concerns? After giving birth to Lorin and Venice thru normal delivery, she had problems with loose skin on her tummy. Tummy tuck is an option, but she has issues about it, not to mention having apprehensions about surgery.

For almost a year, Dra. Vicki Belo had been trying to convince Ruffa to undergo an invasive procedure for body contouring and for removing the excess skin on her tummy called Bodytite. She assured Ruffa that there wouldn't be as much downtime and that she could actually continue with her usual activities like going to work the next day! And after seeing the sexier Jinkee Pacquiao who also had Bodytite done, she finally said yes.

So what is Bodytite?
Bodytite, or known as Radio Frequency Assisted Liposuction (RFAL), addresses the problem of predominantly loose skin seen in some patients after having undergone a liposuction procedure.

It is a minimally invasive procedure which uses radio frequency (RF) energy applied over the skin and into the fat layer to allow simultaneous lipolysis and skin tightening.

Dra. Belo explained that it is perfect to be used in areas which tend to be loose like the inner thighs, arms and the abdomen. This happens when the skin is damaged by multiple pregnancies and stretchmarks which hamper contraction.

After BodyTite, Ruffa now has a tighter, firmer tone. And if ever she decides to remarry, this would not be a problem in case she would want to have another baby.

who can ever tell that Ruffa already has 2 kids and is 36 years young? geesh, i wish i'd be that sexy when i reach that number.

Ruffa is not against going under the knife, most especially to people who always need to look good like the people in showbusiness. I'm not also against it. Well, if that is something one has to do to be confident and feel good, why not? Some are against cosmetic surgery, but hey, to each its own...we all deserve to look good and feel good about ourselves.

So if you'll ask me if I'm willing to go under the knife...hell, yes! Who wouldn't want to get rid of fats, cellulite and orange-peel skin?

To know more about BodyTite and other procedures you might need, visit Belomed for more information.

For now, I'll start saving for a BodyTite treatment. Or probably, include it on my list?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

it's the time of the year again...

no, it's not Christmas....but my birthday!
this year i'll be officially out of the calendar...yes, i'm turning 32.
but acts like as if i'm still in highschool

like the previous years, i'm posting my wishlist. not that i'm really hoping that i'll get them all, coz it's not possible. let's just say i'm dreaming (and wishing, praying) that i'll get at least one in my wishlist....

Guess bag

more MAC makeup/brushes

Melissa Shoes:

Oakley Unfaithful

Ipad 2

Mac Book Pro 13"

it's a week to go before my birthday, so you still have time to get me a gift!

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to la la lala.

My Obagi Blue Peel Experience - Day 7

Day 7

It's has been a week already since my Obagi Blue Peel treatment and I can say that most of the old skin are now gone. I am still not wearing any makeup even at work (no foundation, concealer or blush) and I am more confident than the previous days. A lot have been saying that I have smoother skin and that my skin has also brightened. I love that my pores are less visible too and would you believe I don't oil up as much?

If you can see in the picture above, my cheeks are a lot more reddish this time. Well, I already have rosy cheeks and I turn red easily. Before taking this pictures, I've washed my face with the Obagi C-RX foaming gel instead of Obagi Nuderm and i'm not sure if it did make my cheeks a lot rosy. After washing, I can really see my cheeks all red, and a bit warm...but not itchy. It did go away after a few minutes though. I actually got scared so probably I'll stick with my Nuderm foaming gel for now since my skin's a bit raw.

my forehead hasn't shed much of the old skin still and I am losing patience...

yep, two nasty pimples on the side of my forehead. I am nearing my period and probably that's why. Too bad I can't apply any anti-acne yet...but if this would worsen in the following days, I'll have it injected...but I would have to get permission from my derma first.

So far, I am loving the results. It hasn't been an easy journey (with that no makeup and old smurfette look) for me but I would say it's all worth it. I can't wait until all the old skin has gone away and then I can start to go back to my Obagi Nuderm skincare regimen again. I would have to ask my derma if I would need to use them everyday or just for maintenance. And of course, I am so excited to wear makeup again!

But of course, it would be better if I can go away with not wearing foundation or concealers anymore.

Thanks to all those who have been sending words of encouragement and to those who have been keeping my spirits up despite me looking like an old monster during my first days of Obagi Blue Peel. I won't be posting an update everyday from now on, but will still keep you posted about my progress. Probably, i'll post a pic once all the old skin has gone and when I already had a follow up checkup with my derma.


Product Review: Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner

if there's any makeup application that I can say I can do flawlessly, it would be lining my eyes. Okay, am I bragging too much? ^_^ but yeah, I've been applying eyeliner since college days and I think I've (almost) perfected the application through the years.

and because of that, I love buying eyeliners. I'm always in the lookout for good eyeliners...pencil, gel or liquid. i think i have more than 20 eyeliners to date, and still buying.

When I heard that Majolica Majorca will be launched in PH, I was so excited since I would no longer have to rely on online seller for their Lash Expander Frame mascara. I had no idea they have other lots of great stuff to offer. And yep, one of them would be their eyeliner.

Perfect Automatic Eyeliner

The evolution of the liquid eyeliner.
Eyes are emphasized and the appearance of eyes

The secret to its evolution is the bold black base and subtle pearlescent colors.
7 different shades change the appearance to transform your eyes. A precise line every time without fading or smudging.
BR601 - Amber Black

brush is very fine and helps in the precise application
easy to create the winged-eye look
once the liquid has reached the brush tip, you only need one twist, two at the most and it'll be more than enough to line both eyes

cute packaging
lightweight and fits perfectly in your makeup kit
metallic/pearlescent color makes eye pop
i have very oily lids but i can wear this without a primer beneath and there's no flaking, no smudging but easy to remove


doesn't dry out fast

smudged several times, very little pigment have been rubbed off but still okay

swatches placed under running water, but still intact

easily removed after a few more smudging, at least you won't need a makeup remover anymore

i just wish it's comes cheaper, but since I am guessing that this will last me a long time, i'm gonna stop complaining
just make sure that you won't twist a lot, or else the liquid will drip

i love this eyeliner, and often find myself reaching for this than my other liners. i want to get all their shades, i just wish they are no longer OOS at the counter nearest me.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Obagi Blue Peel Experience - Day 6

Day 6

a large area of old skin on my cheeks are now gone, and as you can see in the picture the new skin really looks raw and reddish. keeping my hands off my face has becoming a tougher challenge, even my colleagues at work would yell at me whenever they would see me tinkering on my face. and yep, i went to work WITH NO MAKEUP ON. hmm okay, i had drawn my brows and curled my lashes.

my jawline is kinda itchy still because of the old skin peeling off. there are still old skin on the sides of my face and on my undereyes. there's a bit of old skin too on my lids.

see that pinkish patch on my cheeks? it's raw skin and i am scared to get allergies if i'll apply creams on it. i haven't been doing anything on my face except for washing it with the gel wash and applying sunblock. i've been wanting to apply an eyecream already coz my undereyes are really dry, but i still need to ask my derma's permission.

Monday, April 25, 2011

My New Stuff: Colorescience Pressed Mineral Pigment

I know I wasn't supposed to wear any makeup for the next 10 or so days, but my derma didn't say I can't buy new makeup right!?

Colorescience Pressed Mineral Pigment

when I first saw this pressed mineral powder from Sophie, i really got intrigued. This powder has been helping her achieve that perfect, almost-flawless look and she just loves that this is made of minerals! Sophie prefers mineral make up over traditional and tries to only use minerals as much as possible. I've been intrigued all the more when I saw Liz used this on one of her FOTDs and gave her that smooth, glowing look.

This can't be bought anywhere, and i'm not sure if you can only get this from House of Obagi, but they are one of those who distributes it. I got this from HOO, Sm City North Edsa for Php3750. Steep, i know but with Sophie using this most of the time, I know I made a right decision in getting myself one.

i love the sleek packaging

I got myself the "All Even" shade, same as that of Sophie's and the lightest of all shades. Too bad, i won't be able to roadtest it yet. But I was able to try it already during one of the events when Sophie let me borrow hers. I'll use it as soon as i get a go-signal from my derma, and of course, let you know if this really is a good product or not.

Til next time!

My Obagi Blue Peel Experience - Day 5

Day 5

i woke up this morning and saw patches of old skin on my pillow...i got so scared that i might have been unconsciously scratching my face while sleeping. i got up and look at myself in the mirror and whoa! some of the old skin have gone off already, and i can already see patches of new skin. it's soft and looks raw so i've been trying really hard to keep my hands off my face.

i still look weird, but i am keeping my hands crossed that this will soon be over and that on my birthday, i'll have a brand new facial skin! ^_^

i'll be going back to work tomorrow and like my derma told me, i won't be wearing makeup...only sunblock. maybe i can draw my brows and curl my lashes though. but until she gets to check my face, i won't be wearing any creams, nor foundations.
wish me luck!

EOTD: Majolica Majorca Jewelling Eyes palette in GD886

Like a kid who just got a new set of toys, I make sure that I get to play with my new stuff first. When I got my MM gifts more than a week ago, I decided to use it right away the next day.

Jewelling Eyes palette in GD886

cute and lightweight packaging
i've searched for the shades of all Jewelling Eyes palettes and the colors are all so pretty

i love the set of neutral, golden colors in this palette. it has shimmers but not the ones that could make you look like a disco ball and no shimmer fall-outs too!

right kind of shimmery colors that can make your eyes stand out
office-friendly shades

Maybelline brow liner
MUFE brow corrector
MM Jewelling Eyes palette in GD886
MM Lash Expander Frame
In2it liquid liner
MAC eyeliner in Fascinating
TBS Lightening Touch

yes, I didn't apply any eye primer prior to applying the eyeshadows...and it did stay the whole day. even Shen was amazed to see how intact my eye makeup when I met up with her for dinner (applied my makeup early morning)

Obagi Oclipse sunscreen + primer
MAC MSF Natural in Medium
Revlon Matte blush (forgot what shade, sorry!)
MAC Sculpt and Shape

MAC l/s in Toxic Tale

my face is getting a lot rounder,i know!

my OOTD for a meeting and a dinner event:

lovin' my Melissa Patchouli wedges and hoping to get another pair in black soon!


note: EOTD/FOTD taken last week before I undergo Obagi Blue Peel

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Obagi Blue Peel Experience - Day 4

Day 4

pic taken in the morning, applied Obagi sunblock after washing face

my apologies if I scared you with my update pic, I know I look terrible (even mom says so LoL) especially with the sunblock on. I applied it and no matter how hard I try to blend it, it just won't...probably because of the flaky, almost-scaly texture of my face.

I really look like a cadaver here, and honestly, I now hate seeing myself in the mirror. I've been trying so hard to keep my hands off my face because it's so tempting to pull off those loose skin. Mom has been scolding me all day because she always catch me trying to pull off some skin.

I actually look okay minus the sunblock which leaves a whitish stuff, but it's really important to have sunblock on during day yeah, I have no choice.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Obagi Blue Peel Experience - Day 3

Day 3

Skin is still reddish, this time feeling and looking scaly. As you can see, there's a bit of peeling at the sides of the mouth. This pic was taken at night after washing my face with Obaging Foaming Gel. No sunblock applied after.

My uncle saw me and asked me if I stayed under the sun too long. They still think I got sun burnt.

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