Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kenny Roger's Bloggers Night...

It was my first time to get an invite for a foodie event, but being a fan of Kenny Roger's Roaster since I first tasted their chicken, I didn't twice in saying Yes.

Kenny Roger's is known for their yummy roasted chicken, their muffins and salad and more. They offer a wide range of food selection for every craving. You can go for their pasta or ribs, or their healthy meals if you are trying to follow a diet. The last time I ate lunch in one of their branches, I went gaga over their smoothie that I even got another one for take out.

Last April 19, they held their Bloggers Night in their Katipunan Branch to launch two additional menu offerings.


oh, yes that's Phil Younghusband on the next table and Shen can't help herself from sending him a kiss

Hainanese Chicken

for the price of Php185.00, you'd get a quarter of perfectly poached chicken that comes with 3 types of sauces, a soup and hainanese rice

their chicken tastes just right and goes perfectly with any of their 3 sauces. i personally love their chili sauce combined with the sweet soy sauce. their ginger sauce can use a bit more ginger though. others might find the soup salty, which i don't really mind as i prefer rich-tasting foods, but i don't think it would be the same for those who might be watching their diet (errr, does that mean i don't!?) and hates the thought of having a lot of salt in their food. their hainanese rice tastes so good that I can eat it even without any viand.

another new offering is their frozen yoghurt (FROYO) which is a lot more affordable than others. Priced at Php35.00 (small) and Php55.00 (large), fro-yo addicts will surely love to have this as a sweet-end to their meals without breaking the bank. Some fro-yos available are priced enough to get you a complete meal so I'm sure with its affordable price, even students (like my sister who LOVES fro-yo) can enjoy this without sacrificing their money for their next meal.

available toppings are: Mango, Mixed Fruits, Graham and Brownie Bits
Php10.00 per topping

my fro-yo topped with Grahams

my plain fro-yo

yep, i had two cups! i prefer it plain, though. another thing that i love about KRR's fro-yo is that it's not as sour as the others

loving my KRR fro-yo

Two of KRR Brand Ambassadors were there to grace the event:

Phil Younghusband

Mica Tantuico

there was also a chat session with Phil and Mica where the audience got to ask any question, except about anything "too personal."

and of course, a photo with 2 of KRR's Brand Ambassadors:

with Phil and Mica

this time with Shen

and the rest of the invited bloggers

'twas a night of good food and great company. i actually enjoyed my first foodie event, and i seriously hope that there would be more to come.

Thanks to our friends from Kenny Rogers Roasters for the invite!

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