Monday, April 18, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman collection...

when MAC Wonderwoman collection was launched here in Manila, I didn't bother visiting the counters to check them out. I heard that the launch has been moved to another day when it was originally set to March 13 (correct me if i'm wrong) and that most of the items have been sold out on the first day. Friends were actually surprised that I didn't look excited at all...

but that was because:

my MAC WW stuff from UAE

X asked a friend to get it for me at Dubai Dutyfree. The collection wasn't available for selling yet but good thing she used to work at MAC Dutyfree so she was able to get them in advance, yay!
(thanks, Ching!)

MSF in Pink Power
this one is so big that I am sure it would last me a looonngggg time!

see how big? LOL

this MSF is 3-in-1: blush, highlighter and contour powder

Powder blush duo in Mighty Aphrodite

pigmentation is great and shade is just too pretty!

lipsticks in Spitfire and Marquise d'

Spitfire and Marquise d'

so pretty huh? I love Spitfire but Mom asked if she can have it and even threw a bit of tantrums since X didn't get anything for her. ^_^
so yeah, she got it!

Lipglasses in Athena's Kiss and Wonderwoman

eyeshadow palette in Defiance

i love my new toys from MAC. i didn't plan on getting more makeup but this WW collection is just too pretty to pass up.

i love the packaging so much that I won't throw these empty boxes away...ever!

so how you, what did you get from this collection?

I heard their next collection "Quite Cute" is uber pretty too!
Hmm.. (wink!)


*KiM* said...

wow nice jheng! inggit ako :D katuwa naman si mommy

eMs said...

hello sis jheng :P i just followed you through blogger but been reading your blog since last year pa. keep the interesting posts coming. your latest mac haul is drool-worthy :P

Issa said...

wow, i sooo envy you! i love spitfire! can't afford it though, hehehe....

Unknown said...

wow i love the defiance eye shadow pallet ;-)

jamie said...

papunta na sa place mo! may paglalaruan nanaman ako! whiiieehh!

ThePinkMargarita ♚ said...

jealous! i want these too! <3

Anonymous said...

hi, been reading your blog for almost a year already! love your posts! :)

love the spitfire lippy! :)

Anonymous said...

Great post, You have written it well and your own stuff is really nice! Keep it up :-)
-Dealies Philippines

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