Friday, April 22, 2011

My Obagi Blue Peel experience - Day 2

here's an update on how my skin looks like after 12hrs:

pic was taken around 9AM the next day, when I was driving my way home. I had to make sure I've slathered enough sunblock to avoid burning.

and here's how i look like 24hrs later:

as you can see, my cheeks are a bit swelling (or maybe, I'm just bloated since I've been eating like a pig for the past 24hrs LOL). my skin are wrinkly and reddish on the cheeks area. mom even said i look like I've been beaten up.

I seriously am getting impatient as to when my skin would start shedding the old skin, but I just have to wait and hopefully my skin gets better on the following days (I HOPE!) I haven't been going out and been trying my best to stay indoors. As prescribed, I only use facial wash (Obagi Foaming Gel) and sunblock which is also from Obagi.


Anonymous said...

i'm sure it'll gonna be okay...
god bless!

Anonymous said...

tiis ganda sis! ^_^

MszLovan said...

I got mine done on the 15th. I wash and moisturize in the mornings and at night I don't moisturize at all. Is that bad?

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