Monday, April 25, 2011

My Obagi Blue Peel Experience - Day 5

Day 5

i woke up this morning and saw patches of old skin on my pillow...i got so scared that i might have been unconsciously scratching my face while sleeping. i got up and look at myself in the mirror and whoa! some of the old skin have gone off already, and i can already see patches of new skin. it's soft and looks raw so i've been trying really hard to keep my hands off my face.

i still look weird, but i am keeping my hands crossed that this will soon be over and that on my birthday, i'll have a brand new facial skin! ^_^

i'll be going back to work tomorrow and like my derma told me, i won't be wearing makeup...only sunblock. maybe i can draw my brows and curl my lashes though. but until she gets to check my face, i won't be wearing any creams, nor foundations.
wish me luck!


AskMeWhats said...

goodluck!!! gandara!!! lapit na!!!!

Issa said...

konti na lang.... i can see the new skin na :)

ThePinkMargarita ♚ said...

Hi! I was wondering how much the peel cost you including the obagi products that you make use during and after treatment? I have problems with acne scars and the like and would love to try the Obagi Blue Peel.

Thank you!

Unknown said...

thanks nikki and issa :)

hi pink margarita, the peels costs P10,080 at the House of Obagi. As for the products i use before, I'm on the maintenance stage of Obagi then sometimes i stray, i use other regimen, i;ll be going back to Obagi after mag-peel off totally. Obagi Nuderm set is really good, as in total transformation (u can see from my before and after Obagi pics). a set costs P21k still from House of Obagi but they are having a sale until the end of the month, less 15%. :)

ThePinkMargarita ♚ said...

oh wow! thanks for the reply. i'd really want to try it out. i had diamond peel treatments before but it did not really work on me (guess it caused more damage on my skin).

thanks a lot! :)

Unknown said...

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