Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Obagi Blue Peel Experience - Day 7

Day 7

It's has been a week already since my Obagi Blue Peel treatment and I can say that most of the old skin are now gone. I am still not wearing any makeup even at work (no foundation, concealer or blush) and I am more confident than the previous days. A lot have been saying that I have smoother skin and that my skin has also brightened. I love that my pores are less visible too and would you believe I don't oil up as much?

If you can see in the picture above, my cheeks are a lot more reddish this time. Well, I already have rosy cheeks and I turn red easily. Before taking this pictures, I've washed my face with the Obagi C-RX foaming gel instead of Obagi Nuderm and i'm not sure if it did make my cheeks a lot rosy. After washing, I can really see my cheeks all red, and a bit warm...but not itchy. It did go away after a few minutes though. I actually got scared so probably I'll stick with my Nuderm foaming gel for now since my skin's a bit raw.

my forehead hasn't shed much of the old skin still and I am losing patience...

yep, two nasty pimples on the side of my forehead. I am nearing my period and probably that's why. Too bad I can't apply any anti-acne yet...but if this would worsen in the following days, I'll have it injected...but I would have to get permission from my derma first.

So far, I am loving the results. It hasn't been an easy journey (with that no makeup and old smurfette look) for me but I would say it's all worth it. I can't wait until all the old skin has gone away and then I can start to go back to my Obagi Nuderm skincare regimen again. I would have to ask my derma if I would need to use them everyday or just for maintenance. And of course, I am so excited to wear makeup again!

But of course, it would be better if I can go away with not wearing foundation or concealers anymore.

Thanks to all those who have been sending words of encouragement and to those who have been keeping my spirits up despite me looking like an old monster during my first days of Obagi Blue Peel. I won't be posting an update everyday from now on, but will still keep you posted about my progress. Probably, i'll post a pic once all the old skin has gone and when I already had a follow up checkup with my derma.



Bernadette Villanueva said...

It's a lot better na Jhenky, konti nalang. Yehey for you & Sophie! Can't wait for the final results. Muah!

Unknown said...

yeah a lot better. kaloka, i thought it will never end..hahaha

文学少女 (Literature Girl) said...

Hello Miss Jheng! The daily transformation of your skin from Obagi Peel is so striking. I wonder if the pimple scars from the peel get removed as well? My aunt got a peel earlier this week as well, but she was complaining that the scars were still faintly visible. Is it always the case?

Thanks for your input! I love your blog, I have you on my Google reader RSS list :)

Unknown said...

hi aicha! thanks for following my obagi blue peel updates. yep some of the scars have been removed, while some just lightened a bit. the red scars are still there, but i was told that the blue peel or even the obagi nuderm wont take them away...i need IPL to get rid of the red marks. what peel did your aunt had? maybe she needs more than one session, or maybe some other treatments. let me know and maybe i can ask my derma from house of obagi for some inputs :)

thanks again for reading my blog :) take care!

文学少女 (Literature Girl) said...

I heard my aunt talk about a deep peeling with Q10 treatment and a microdermabrasion session. But that was all I heard.

Oh wow, you need another treatment for those red scars. Please update us on that, it seems really interesting. No one posts a lot and in detail about peeling treatments.

Thanks so much.

Denise said...

I am on day 5 of the Blue Peel! Have you posted anymore pictures? They state that your skin gets tighter, brighter and firms as the weeks go by. The last photo I see is day 7. I'm excited for my results!

Unknown said...

Uhmmm! Let me try this Obagi blue peel and let me see how it works on me. :))

obagi Philippines

jienlou said...

hi! can the obagi blue peel remove hyperpigmented areas? thanks!

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