Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Product Review: Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner

if there's any makeup application that I can say I can do flawlessly, it would be lining my eyes. Okay, am I bragging too much? ^_^ but yeah, I've been applying eyeliner since college days and I think I've (almost) perfected the application through the years.

and because of that, I love buying eyeliners. I'm always in the lookout for good eyeliners...pencil, gel or liquid. i think i have more than 20 eyeliners to date, and still buying.

When I heard that Majolica Majorca will be launched in PH, I was so excited since I would no longer have to rely on online seller for their Lash Expander Frame mascara. I had no idea they have other lots of great stuff to offer. And yep, one of them would be their eyeliner.

Perfect Automatic Eyeliner

The evolution of the liquid eyeliner.
Eyes are emphasized and the appearance of eyes

The secret to its evolution is the bold black base and subtle pearlescent colors.
7 different shades change the appearance to transform your eyes. A precise line every time without fading or smudging.
BR601 - Amber Black

brush is very fine and helps in the precise application
easy to create the winged-eye look
once the liquid has reached the brush tip, you only need one twist, two at the most and it'll be more than enough to line both eyes

cute packaging
lightweight and fits perfectly in your makeup kit
metallic/pearlescent color makes eye pop
i have very oily lids but i can wear this without a primer beneath and there's no flaking, no smudging but easy to remove


doesn't dry out fast

smudged several times, very little pigment have been rubbed off but still okay

swatches placed under running water, but still intact

easily removed after a few more smudging, at least you won't need a makeup remover anymore

i just wish it's comes cheaper, but since I am guessing that this will last me a long time, i'm gonna stop complaining
just make sure that you won't twist a lot, or else the liquid will drip

i love this eyeliner, and often find myself reaching for this than my other liners. i want to get all their shades, i just wish they are no longer OOS at the counter nearest me.


Unknown said...

thank you for reviewing. :D
I wanna try this brand kaso lang I'm on a tight budget. huhu :( Their products looks good at the same time pricey rin. waaa.. sorry for me T_T

Issa said...

they have really nice packaging too, i wanna try their products but too pricey for me.... :(

Beatrice said...

I have to say, I'm a packaging whore...>> I love it when the packaging looks pretty. But great idea to post a picture of the eyeliner under water. I never thought to do that in a review to test its staying power. Great job!


Crystal said...

tama ka jheng! ang galing mo talaga mag eyeliner :)

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