Wednesday, May 4, 2011

more Majolica Majorca and other stuff...

being a sucker for pretty packaging and well, being gullible to a number of raves i've been reading online, I spent one of my lunch breaks to get these babies:

Perfect Automatic Liner, Skin Lingerie Pore Cover (finally), a couple of more eyeshadows and a lighter shade of Skin Remaker
(oh yes, i'm just another Majolica addict!)

In2it eyebrow liner, Orly Nail Polish, Nail Polish Remover and Cinemasecrets concealer (for my horrible dark circles)

see, these are all essentials!
don't bother arguing, it's my birthday week..'nuff said.


kris said...

advance happy birthday! :D

Beatrice said...

happy birthday!!! and dont feel bad, i'm totally a packaging freek too lol everything looks so pretty :)

文学少女 (Literature Girl) said...

I think, if it were my birthday week, I would def. spend a bunch on Majolica Majorca. I am so inlove with them.

Happy birthday to you in advance! :)

Lanie said...

advance happy birthday!

i saw you in forever 21 yesterday, actually nakasalubong kita, i recognized you immediately but i was too shy to say hi! :P

Unknown said...

thanks sisters!

hey lanie, why didnt u approach me? :( nde naman ako nangangagat hihih

AskMeWhats said...

woot! Happy Birthday sis! You deserve it :) Konti pa nga yan! heheheh :)

ThePinkMargarita ♚ said...

happy birthday! :) great makeup haul.

p.s. where did you buy the orly polish?

much love,

Issa said...

happy birthday! soo envy you! i'm interested in the cinemasecrets concealer, where did you get it?...will wait for your reviews!

J. Campana said...

Hey girly!

I found your blog looking for reviews of different HD products and then I just kept reading your other posts because you've reviewed tons of products on here that most people haven't, you even have some that Ive never even heard of that I must have to have now! =D I also love your tutorials using bright colored eyeshadow. Everybody does them but hardly anyone manages to create a look thats actually wearable. Fantastic job.

I'll be watching for more posts!

Kim said...

happy birthday! I'll be waiting your review for all those haul =)

Anonymous said...

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Ruby Aroha said...

Happy birthday and awesome haul :)

Unknown said...

belated happy birthday ;-) nice haul from MM. they have such quality products ☺♥

lily said...

I hope you review the pore cover :-)

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