Tuesday, June 7, 2011

a birthday wish came true...

remember my birthday wish list last month?
fortunately, one of them came true!

my new toy:

my cool 32GB WIFI + 3G Ipad 2

had to make sure it won't get scratched!

i bought a pink Smartcover for it but I can't stand not having a back cover when it's attached, so I opted for a screen protector and a jelly-type back cover
(OC much?)

i got it days before my birthday.
actually, on the very same day it was launched here in Phils!

and this I got after my birthday, to supposedly match my Ipad that comes with the pink Smartcover:

oh yeah, i don't love PINK!

i almost got myself that Oakley shades, but unfortunately they don't have the color i want.

i love my new toy. if only i had been more vocal, i think i should've gotten that MBP instead!
but there's still Christmas anyway


aringkingking said...

wow i envy you. i love pink aloso.

AskMeWhats said...

Dalhin mo dapat pag nagkita tayo! I want to play PVZ and Angry Birds with bigger screen! at dalhin mo na din the pink headphones! BONGGELS ka inday!

You deserve it though :D

Unknown said...

happy birthday talaga! hahaha :)

Jamilla Camel said...

Happy birthday! I'm thrilled for you!

Do you if the new version supports blogger? We've got the original one and I can't edit Blogger posts on it!


jezzhae said...

ayst nakakaingit naman..

Janelle said...

you deserve a great gift for your birthday, enjoy your new toy!

Unknown said...

Happy birthday and enjoy your new toy! :)

Issa said...

wow! kakainggit!!! i love the pink headphones!!! sosyal! :)

sugar sugar said...

pink headphones FTW! =D belated happy birthday! :)i hope you get all the other items in your wishlist. *wink, wink

D said...

The pink head phones is super duper cute!!! I want one!!!



Noemi said...

Wow! Awesome headphones!!!



Elaine said...

Congrats on your new toy! Just wanted to ask how the quality of your headphones are? Comparable to Sennheiser/Pioneer/Audio Technica? I'm also looking for new headphones and I can't seem to decide which one to buy. Thanks! :D

G said...

How lucky are you!


Unknown said...

waaa. so lucky! I just wish I have those too! ahaha

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