Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Product Review: Obagi Nuderm Healthy Skin Protection SPF35

I've always been cautious when it comes to applying sunblock on my face. Most of the facial sunblocks I've used in the past made me breakout or just made my already-oily face a LOT MORE oily. One sunblock that I love is the Obagi Sunfader, it contains hydroquinone and really helps in getting rid of those nasty sunspots and other blemishes. I've been a loyal user for more than 2years, and that's so unusual of me.

After my Obagi Blue Peel treatment more than a month ago, my derma told me not to use anything else on my face except for a mild cleanser and sunblock. No makeup, no whitening stuff...just wash face with a cleanser and apply sunblock during daytime until my skin totally heals.

And for more than a week, I only used Obagi Foaming Gel wash and the Obagi Healthy Skin Protection SPF35
(see, i can be obedient too!)

OBAGI Healthy Skin Protection SPF35

A sunscreen with 9% micronized zinc oxide and 7.5% octinoxate that protects the newer, healthier skin created by your skin transformation

I admit, I've been ignoring this sunblock that I often get as a freebie whenever I order my Obagi Nuderm stuff online. I prefer the Sunfader (just because it also has bleaching properties) so I just give this away to my friends.

and yeah, I was just so wrong!

a little goes a long way

leaves a white cast but would blend seamlessly after a while

what i love:

it's non-sticky
no weird chemical scent
doesn't break me out or cause any allergies that i usually get from other sunblocks
moisturizing but doesn't feel heavy on the skin
consistency is just right, easy to apply and blend
has a brightening effect and leaves skin with a healthy glow
serves as a good makeup base

yours truly, 10days after my Obagi Blue Peel treatment

(believe me, that whitish cast goes away)

what i hate:

the price (Php1200 for 30ml tube, Php3520 for 90ml). but the small tube would last 2-3mos if used everyday so, i guess it's still okay
might highlight dry patches, i've used this while I was on the peeling stage and I seriously looked terrible!

I really love this sunblock and until now, I still want to kick myself for giving them away before. On days that I don't have to wear makeup, I just use this and it leaves my skin looking healthy and almost matte. I wish to get rid of all my skin blemishes and be totally flawless, and get away with just wearing this.

and yeah, I am buying a bigger tube soon!


lelila said...

waaah bat mo nagustuhan na to, di na ako makakareceive ng libre from you LOL!

AskMeWhats said...

Nagamit to ni Hubby! hahah type niya actually at ito ang isa sa mga iilang products na inubos niya talaga! BONGGELS!

Issa said...

ooohhh...too steep for me....

Unknown said...

Today, Obagi is one of the most recognized brand names in skin health care worldwide so that I really wanted to try this product.

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