Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Something New: Sunsilk Weather Defense

I am not totally sure if this is new or not, but it's something new to me when I dropped by Watsons last week:

Sunsilk Weather Defense

Shampoo and Conditioner

unlike other conditioners, this one specifically says "Do not apply on scalp."

Shield and Shine serum and Shield and Frizz Control Light cream

I apply the serum on my hair (not on scalp), mostly on the lower part, wrap my hair with a towel and leave it like that while i do my makeup. I then dry my hair in front of an electric fan (sometimes I also use a hair iron) and apply a bit of the light cream.

it's not heavy, and doesn't make my hair look and feel oily. i love the scent too! i find myself reaching out for this in the shower more often. and it really does help in making hair look polished for a longer time as if you've just washed and styled your hair.

i wish it comes with some sort of weekly hair treatment, though.


MariaKristela said...

I saw this one at Cash and Carry last night. I want to try it but I told myself I will wait for reviews first. Hehe. Thanks for sharing! :)

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uhooi said...

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Issa said...

this is something new to me too! nice review! :)

Unknown said...

If its not for the scalp - wouldnt it be kind of complicated to use? :)

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