Friday, July 29, 2011

i wannnnttt!

i just came in to work (lazy, lazy me!) and decided to browse a bit before finally immersing myself to another crazy work day and guess what i found:

(images from Girltalk)

both beauties are from Bally, and i know these would cost me a lot but I WANT THEM both! i love anything with heels and i still love Melissa (and lately, Ferreti which i'll be blogging about soon!) but i really want these pairs.
geesh, now i can't stop thinking bout shoes.

any idea how much these cost?
or probably you can suggest other brands..HELP!

okay, now i better start working...


lelila said...

it's called dinilla pumps and costs $550 a pair. LOL!

文学少女 (Literature Girl) said...

Wow! too high for meee!

kumiko mae said...

so expensive!!

Greenpease said...

Go get them Girl!

*crissy* said...

When I went to Hawaii a couple of years back Bally was having a 50% off sale and i bought a couple of purses there. Then when i went to a Nordstrom rack I found the matching shoe for $80 now thats a steal. christian louboutins are cute too but its not really made for comfort. Bally shoes are really comfy.

Issa said...

i can't blame you for wanting these shoes! they are gorgeous!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my- $550 hohoho I DIE!
but, i like the caramel brown shoes for you!! it's FAB!
geeh, hope we can suggest some other brands..
Let's see! =))
hope you can sleep.. hehe

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