Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Meet & Greet with Aileen of Shades of U....

(waves hello)

oh yes, I am still alive! =) sorry for the long MIA...been working a whole damn lot for the past month and i can hardly stay awake by the time i get home, which would usually be around past midnight, everyday! i missed blogging, i missed you and i hope you missed me too!
(bats eyelashes)

i hope everyone's doing okay...i am good despite the super busy work schedule, and i sincerely hope that i can find time to at least answer those who have been emailing me and asking me why i stopped blogging. i didn't stop, i am still here and still hoping that you won't get tired of checking this space for my updates. i will try harder to make time for my blog, and hopefully grant some requests. :)

anyways, I am very sure that most of you knows Aileen of Shades of U. well, after following her for years, i was able to meet her in person together with other blogger friends. she's one of those people i look up to and definitely one of those who inspired me to do good in applying makeup. 'twas a quick meetup, because i came late (still because of my work) but it was great! imagine seeing one of the pioneers in beauty blogging in flesh!

with other beauty blogger friends: Shen, Phoebe, Sophie, Smile, Nikki and Claud

Aileen's very nice and she's exactly how she is in her blog. I wish we could've spent more time with her. Hopefully in the future, soon!

Thanks to Sophie for arranging this meet & greet and of course, for the pictures!

and since i'll be meeting with Aileen, the makeup guru, i made sure i look presentable. of course, i wouldn't want her to get disappointed with me after telling her that she's one of those who made me start wearing makeup! ^_^

here's what i wore:

yeah, same boring neutrals
i think this is just MAC Ricepaper and Espresso.

sorry, i really can't remember what I used. but i am sure i used either an NC20 or NC25 MAC SFF here. Geesh,now i'm wearing an NC35...that's how dark i got after my short break to the beach last month.

i want my color back!

but i realized that to be a bit tan makes one look slimmer, and toned.
yeah, i wish!



ItsMePaolaa said...

uber nice naman e/s mo mare! kahit 2 shadows lang niiicee! I bet meeting aileen is soo much fun! It's so nice to be united with your co-makeup bloggers! exciting!

Aya said...

Pretty! Love the eyes :))

Jamilla Camel said...

Thanks for sharing the great pics!

Yep, I joing the NC35 club whenever I go to the beach!

The Beauty Junkee said...

inggit akoooo! :p

Anonymous said...

so pretttyyyyy!
ako din ingggiiiitttttt!
i miss your post!!

Issa said...

you look pretty as always! very nice makeup! miss your posts! :)

Mar said...

Hey there! i so love the make up on you! thanks for that post! hope you can drop by my blog too!


Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...
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