Thursday, July 14, 2011

Product Review: Colorescience Pressed Mineral Powder

Almost 3 months ago, I've posted my skin's journey when i had an Obagi Blue Peel. I can still remember how weird i looked back then with all those peeling and dryness...not to mention me having to go to work without makeup. No regrets though, since I am still enjoying the effect it has on my skin...a lot more refined and less oily skin.

I was too scared to use my usual liquid foundations back then so I bought the Colorescience Pressed Mineral foundation. I promised to post a review and yeah, i know it's been months already...but like they say, better late than never! ^_^

here's a photo of me right after toning and moisturizing:

this was taken almost 2 months after my peel. there are still a lot of red marks on my face, but the doctor said it would be better to have IPLs to get those out. but i love the texture of my skin and the fact that i don't get to use a lot of oil blotting sheets like i used to.

after putting on concealers used, just the pressed powder applied dry

after eye makeup, blush and contouring:

i just love the polished, matte look it gives. it's so pigmented that i don't need to apply it wet. it minimizes the look of pores and definitely keeps my oilies at bay. the yellow-tone it gives is just right under natural light.
(sorry for the eyebags though, i know this time i really have to get rid of them...)

the sleek, light packaging is a plus and the fact that you don't have to use a lot to give you enough coverage is such a winner. even the sponge that comes with it looks fab and chic. if you check my first post about this powder, you'd see shimmers on my swatch but they are almost not visible when applied on the face. it gives you this healthy, almost luminous look instead of looking like a disco ball.

my only issue is the price. it's Php3750 a pop here in the Phils and i am just not sure if you can buy refills here. I got mine at The House of Obagi, again not sure if they are being sold in other stores. price is a lot more expensive than my other foundations, but just thinking of the benefits that i can get from using minerals instead of traditional makeup, the price is definitely worth it. and besides, i am sure you can get this cheaper online or if you have friends abroad you can ask them to get this for you.

i've been using mine almost everyday for more than 2 months now and i don't see me hitting the pan anytime soon. also, it's better to make sure that you have exfoliated first and moisturized well before applying. you don't also have to use a lot, with this powder you only need a light application and you'll get a great coverage without having to use concealers. it also stays put the whole day so you only need a few touch ups, or probably just use oil blotting sheets most especially if you oil up on your T-zone like I do most especially if i'm using layers of my Obagi skincare.

i used this one time when i was out running errands the whole day and with all those sweating and rubbing and blotting, it really stayed put. i'd like to think that i've finally found my HG powder with this.

so yeah, i am definitely buying again.

of course let me share my eye makeup:

i think i used Revlon eyeshadow here, and a matte brown on the outer-V to give my eyes a bit of depth. neutrals again, yeah!

MAC Tippy blush and Nyx lipcreme in Antwerp

so there you go. i hope my review would help you decide whether you'd want to try this or not. you can drop by any House of Obagi so you can check what shade suits you and see its magic with your own eyes.

til next time!


Unknown said...

Ms. Jheng! You're so pretty!!! HOO did a great job! ^__^

AskMeWhats said...

I like it! Ito ba gamit mo during Nuffamily day? :)

aringkingking said...

It really looks good on you, but the price, i think i can't afford it. i hope i can try this someday.

sugar sugar said...

Your skin looks amazing! Gorgeous FOTD! :)

文学少女 (Literature Girl) said...

Amazzzzzzzing. Your skin looks really super, and to think it's just powder on.

Love your gradation eyes

Issa said...

ohhh, to steep for me but it's pretty! hope i can try this someday! thanks for your review :)

Jamilla Camel said...

Your skin is really fabulous these days!

I had two IPL sessions and they wiped out my brown spots.

stormyyskyy said...

I wanted to comment on your post about the "get relaxed" tea, but it's been disabled. I found the brand, "the republic of tea" 2 years ago when my husband was training in Texas, USA. He likes the acai berry tea, but the bookstore that he got it from had 10 different flavors. Try looking online at their website to see if you can order it. They use unbleached tea "bags" that they punch out of sheets. The extra, unused parts of the tea bag sheets gets used as packing material. Here's the website & good luck with that insomnia - I usually fall asleep at 5am.

sara anderson said...

for more information :

Unknown said...

as always, am mesmerized with your brows sis! very pretty look. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I love your skin and your perfect brows! *inggit*

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