Sunday, August 21, 2011

DIY Hair Treatment: Lorys Hair Cream

I have to admit, I am not really vain when it comes to my hair. Well, I used to be. I remember getting a trim every two months and hair treatment every month. But after cutting my hair short, really short, I just stopped caring too much for my hair. All I need is a good pair of shampoo and conditioner, and I'm good.

But of course, a shampoo and conditioner is not enough, most especially when you've been using a lot of hair products or you've been styling it too much. We all know that we still need to have our hair treated occasionally...but most, if not all salon hair treatments, cost a lot. And not all of us have time to visit a salon to give your hair its much deserved TLC.

Good thing that we can do it at the comfort of our homes. There are lots of DIY hair treatments available, which we can use right in the comfort of our home. I've been doing it myself since I decided to grow my hair long again. There are lots of brands which offer good quality hair treatment products at a cost that won't burn a hole on your pocket and one of them that I recently discovered is LORYS.

LORYS Hair Cream
LORYs is a Brazil-made line of complete hair care that caters to all hair types.

Duo Chocolate

With thermal activated silicon developed for the intensive care and conditioning of damaged and sensible hair. Its formula contains Hydrovancea offering the repair to the hair and sealing the hair surface scales making them soft and shining.

Fruit Cocktail
Developed for the care and condition of all hair types. Especially formulated with extracts of fruits that possess nutritious and revitalizing action, it helps to protect the hair from external aggressions leaving it soft, more loosened and with much more shine.

Snake Oil

It is enriched with a special blend of silicon, and was specially developed to protect, restore and condition chemically-treated hair. The special silicon blend in its formula helps to restore the hair protecting it by forming a special film, increasing the flexibility, leaving the hair nourished, soft and with an intense brightness.

Shea Butter
Developed for the care and condition for opaque and damaged hair. Its formula is enriched with Shea Butter, a powerful smoother that nourishes the scalp and protects the hair, leaving it soft, silky, controlled and shiny.

Nutri Sun Gloss

Developed for summer hair care, for extreme nourishing, moisturizing and sun protection. A nourishing hair protection with NutriMel Hair, 100% vegetal active principle; Hydrovance, providing instant moisturizing and UV filter. In addition to improving hair care and replacing hair vitality and shine, restores hair structure through a protecting film to avoid aggression caused by the sun, or bathing in the sea or swimming pool.

I personally love Fruit Cocktail which I use as a daily conditioner. I leave it on for a good 2-3minutes before rinsing and it gives me silky, smooth and shiny hair even without my usual hair shine serum. I love that it doesn't give me dandruff or any scalp itching despite it being very rich and creamy. It can also be used as an intensive hair treatment by leaving it on for 15 minutes, rinse and then using your usual shampoo as it tends to make hair oily if not shampooed after. I haven't tried using it as a treatment though, but I've read from other reviews that it is great to be used as such.

I find this to be a lot cheaper than my usual conditioner which costs Php100++ for a 200ml tube. LORYs costs Php185 (450g) and P349.75 (1kg). Don't be turned-off with the price tag, do the computation and LORYs would surely come out as the most cost-effective brand as compared with the others.

They also have another variant, the Ceramides (not in pictures), which I also heard to be good. I can't find it in stores though, for it's always sold out. LORYs is currently available in Watsons, SM, Shopwise, PCX, First Aid, Landmark and other major department stores and supermarkets nationwide.


Unknown said...

this looks interesting. parang yoghurt lng hihi :)

✿ MissKatV ✿

Unknown said...

hihi, yep parang yoghurt! the duo chocolate is so tempting nga eh hehehe

Anonymous said...

i love any kind of hair mask or treatment, thanks for sharing!

hoping you'll follow back

Unknown said...

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