Tuesday, August 16, 2011

GLOWW... your way to a younger, brighter and pinkish skin...

There was a time when I was such a sucker for anything whitening. I've tried both IV and oral glutathiones, and of course, whitening lotions. Years passed by and my reasoning went beyond whitening. Having an incurable case of insomnia, not to mention TOO MUCH stress from work, my skin needs a lot of help to keep it from aging prematurely. Besides, who would want to look a lot older from your age?

When news about the possible bad effects of glutathione spread on the news, I eventually stopped...i tried to keep a healthier lifestyle instead like eating more veggies and fruits, TRYING to sleep early and keeping myself away from stress. But as I get older, I realized I need more than that. I need supplements to help me fight aging and to stay looking young.

I was just thinking about what skin vitamins to try when the PR for GLOWW contacted me. It was such a good timing, really.

So what is GLOWW?

GLOWW is not actually a whitening pill. It's a skin supplement to help retain one's youthful glow. When you say glow, it's not really being white. But rather, looking healthy and free from skin problems.

How does GLOWW work?

It nourishes skin via its SKHN (Skin Health and Nutrient) Complex, a unique product formulation specially designed to nourish the skin. It consists of 11 essential nutrients that address the skin's 5 vital nourishing components:

1. Collagen Strengthening (Marine Protein, Horsetail extract, Hydrolysed Collagen)
Provides skin structure, increase thickness of the dermis and add moisture making the skin smoother and elastic

2. Blood Circulation Enhancer (Grape seed extract, Lemon bioflavonoids)
Improves blood flow in the distribution of nutrients and removes impurities that could give clearer and brighter skin

3. Skin Waste Detoxifier (Green Tea extract)
Cleanses the skin's impurities, making the skin clearer

4. UV Protectant (Tomato extract, D. Salina extract)
Protects the skin from harmful UV rays thus preventing inflammation, redness and even melasma

5. Free Radical Defense (Pine Bark extract, Vitamin C and Vitamin E)
Prevents our skin from advanced ageing and degeneration

It promises to give you a glowing skin after 2 months of continuous intake of 2 capsules (one in the morning and one if the afternoon, preferably after meals).

How to know if your skin is glowing?
Thru the skin's CLBT (Color, Luminosity, Brightness and Transparency)

A clinical study shows significant improvement on skin's CLBT after taking GLOWW for two months:

Color (healthy pink pigments contained in the skin): increased by 40%
Luminosity (Shimmering, dewy skin, intensity of light spots on the cheekbones, nose and forehead): increased by 21%
Brightness (radiance of the skin): increased by 51%
Transparency: increased by 24%
Is it safe?
GLOWW contains all natural vitamins and nutrients and is BFAD approved.

Easy to read Manufacture and Expiration Dates

Hygienic packaging, sealed for protection

Expiration Date is marked on the sheet
(definitely no reason to take expired ones!)

each box contains 30 capsules, good for 15 days

A box costs Php750, so that's 1500 a month for your skin vitamins. Not bad, it's actually more than half the price of what I used to take.

I've read a lot of good feedbacks from those who have been taking this. Shen started this a few weeks ago and told me that her pimples dry up a lot faster since she started taking this. I've been planning to try this but I always forget to bring this to work, since I don't eat breakfast at home.

I'll try this soon and will get back to you for my review

(Probably, setting a reminder on my phone to bring this to work would help no?)


Issa said...

will wait for your reviews...i'm a bit scared to take these kind of supplements because there might be side effects....

C said...

How was it? :) I also want to try, but I'm a bit apprehensive :s

Unknown said...

Is this works also for men?

Unknown said...

Is this works also for men?

Unknown said...

Is this works also for men?

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Is this increase the urine output?

Unknown said...

It work wells to me, I'm working in the resort but I've notice to my face and skin it's glowing looking fresh the face without putting a moisturizer. That's why I keep using on it. . My friend giving me two boxes of Gloww when I tried it nice result and I'm continuing.

Unknown said...

Can i take this even when im also taking FERN C and Vit B Complex?

Unknown said...

Gloww capsules isnow available in the market again.

Unknown said...

Yes maam, ypu can still take vit c.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the positive feedback maam.

Unknown said...

Yes. Of course, we have lot men user.

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