Thursday, August 25, 2011

Love Shoes?

do you love casual, fabulous pairs like this?

or girly and gorgeous pairs like this?

if your reply is a resounding YES, check out Denise Katipunera's online shoe shop, Shoe Etiquette.

Denise is one of the first fashion bloggers that I followed. I love how she turns her ukay finds to great ensembles. I also love that we hail from the same province.

She's now a proud mommy to an uber cute kiddo, and just looking at their family pictures make me green with envy. Her glow is a proof that she's living one very happy life. Why can't we all have that?

Anyways, do check her online shop, I love all the shoes in there, too bad, most of those in my size are already sold out. Geesh, why was I born with tiny feet!? Even my sister has gorgeous pairs, but she's a size 9, and i'm a 5.


Anonymous said...

I also have size 5 feet! :))

Unknown said...

wow small feet! mine's a gigantic 10 haha. lately i see you've a lot of shoe lemmings and purchases! i also have hehe.

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