Tuesday, August 23, 2011

more shopping at Forever21...

Forever21 had a huge sale in Makati last weekend. I was too lazy to go so I decided to check out the items that they have in the mall near me. Yeah, I said "check out" for I didn't plan on getting anything. I was there just a couple of days ago and I didn't think they have something new to offer anyways....oh boy, I was SO WRONG!

Seriously, I think they always have new stuff...as in EVERYDAY! It's not bad actually, for it's always a good thing to come up with new stuff...but not too good to us people who can get so addicted!

I feel like my head's spinning from seeing a lot of good finds in their store. I was trying to keep myself from pulling stuff here and there...but of course, I didn't miss my usual trip in their accessories area:

two more earrings...i'm seriously getting scared that I would wake up one day with an extra pair of ears (or more), so I could just be able to wear all of them!

so cute...makes me feel sweet, and so girly...

another cross necklace...and i want more!

I won't be posting all the clothes I got from their Megamall branch, Mr. X might take a peek of my blog and see what I've been shopping lately and then I'll get a call and a good one hour of sermon reminding me to save, save, save!

here's a complete getup from Forever21:

blazer, basic tee and shorts

have you tried checking out their blazers? they are so darn pretty!
i want to get all colors...makes me look thinner, according to Shen.

How about you? Did you make it to the great Forever21 sale? I would love to know what you got...


Issa said...

that cross necklace is sooo pretty!!! i also love the blazer miss jheng! it is indeed lovely... you look good :)

Erica J said...

ooo i love that heart necklace-

Unknown said...

thanks Issa and Erica J ! shopping at Forever21 can be really so addicting!

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