Wednesday, August 3, 2011

new found love....FERRETTI.

i've been tweeting a lot about my need to buy new pairs of shoes a few weeks back. i don't have a lot of shoes, and the one brand i keep coming back to is Melissa. their pairs are stylish and comfortable..but a bit expensive.

i tried looking for alternatives for days...been scouring the mall near me a lot of times but haven't had the luck to find one. until Liz asked me to try Ferretti. I've been hearing a lot of good things about this brand, too bad I wasn't able to attend the launch a few months back. i immediately visited their online site and found myself drooling. i just got too excited that I paid their Glorietta 5 branch right after I got off from work...all the way from Ortigas :)

i got these pairs and loving them all to bits:

this pair is 4-5inches high, but unbelievably comfortable and the heels are so sturdy

i got this pair for office wear. i love the fit and it doesn't hurt my feet despite its pointed tip
the bow is just too cute as well!

Align Centeri don't really buy flats, but this pair i wasn't able to resist. i love wearing them whenever i just feel like walking around with just a tshirt and shorts. comfy, cute and well, looks like TOMS but a lot cheaper :)

they have a lot of styles to choose from, too bad the clogs that I've seen on their website are no longer available. i also love the fact this brand is proudly Pinoy! prices range from 699 up to 1500, a whole lot cheaper than Melissa!

they also have bags and accessories, all of which are also reasonably-priced.

even their paper bag looks so chic:

here's a photo taken during a weekend date with my girls at Greenbelt. i walked around this pair for hours in comfort and of course, in style (i hope!)

Thanks again to Liz and Ferretti.

now, i better hurry and grab myself a pair of their new style of clogs before they ran out of my size again.


Dee (BabyJapRN) said...

ampretty mo krasness! <3 <3 <3

Crystal said...

haven't seen you in a while jheng! sexy!

Issa said...

you've got nice shoes! very stylish! pretty mo miss jheng :)

Unknown said...

binola pa ako ni krasness BabyJap, RN ko hihihi

hi Crystal oo nga eh,it has been months think magkalapit lang tayo ng bahay hahaha! ingat lagi ha

thanks Issa

Jillsabs said...

I have the same pointy black pair with the bow! The bow is just too kayoot :)

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