Monday, August 15, 2011

Nivea Express Hydration Body Lotion...

if there's another thing that would make my bath experience complete, it's applying a body lotion after. day and night, after shower, i never forget to use lotion. i was talking to my mom one night when she just got out of the shower and i saw her applying lotion. i asked her if she can get away with not doing so, and she said "absolutely not!"

it's also funny that we've tried a lot of lotion brands and if there's one brand we absolutely love, it would be Nivea. and i must have taken it from mom, who hoards stuff she loves, i also make sure i never run out of my essentials:

whitening lotions and creams from Nivea

yeah, yeah...i'm a sucker for anything whitening.

don't hate me for it!

recently, Nivea came up with their new lotion that promises extra fast and long=lasting moisture for normal to dry skin:

Nivea Express Hydration Body Lotion
An ultra-light formula enriched with sea minerals, that absorbs quickly and leaves skin smooth, supple and velvety soft. With its exclusive Hydra IQ technology, it supports skin's own hydration network to unleash deep, non-stop moisture that lasts more than 24 hrs
I am so amazed with how fast it gets absorbed by the skin...absolutely no waiting time to get dressed after your lotion application. I stay inside an airconditioned room most of the day and I no longer feel my skin getting dry. I use this at night and wake up with still-moisturized skin the next day. This lotion is my ultimate favorite...i just wish it has SPF too! :)

This is already available in all leading department stores, supermarkets and even drugstores with prices as follows:

75ml - Php36.00
125ml -Php65.00
250ml - Php120.00
400ml - Php224.00

if you haven't tried this, grab one now and you'll surely love it. this is my current HG body lotion day and night. Though i still use sunblock on top of this during the day because it doesn't have an SPF. But who knows, Nivea might just have that soon!



Shen said...

My favorite variant from nivea will be their whitening one. It smelss oh so great and it really whitens, too. :)

MariaKristela said...

I use the Extra Whitening Lotion during daytime. I'm really excited to try this Express Hydration. I plan to use this before I sleep. :)

Unknown said...

same here Shen. i always make sure i don't run out of stock :)

get one asap MariaKristela, im sure love it!

Issa said...

i also love nivea but i haven't tried this variant! what i also love about it is it's very affordable! :) i will surely try this one!

Unknown said...

try it issa, promise, u'll love it! :)

RizzAndrea said...

Hey! Is the Nivea Extra Whitening lotion effective? How long will it take to see the difference?

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