Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shensaddiction's Clinique Party...

Last weekend, I finally got the chance to attend Shen's Clinique Party. As usual, I was running late and this is the scene I ran into:

all these ladies are having a good time...there's a makeover, product consultation and of course, picture taking!

It was my first time to attend a Clinique party and I was just so happy that it was with a good friend, Shen and of course, her readers!

Shen is absolutely glowing...who wouldn't if you've just celebrated your anniversary with you fiance.

The last time I've been at a Clinique counter was years ago, so I went around checking out what they have to offer:

I didn't know they have a men's line. I wish my man is as vain as me. It would be great to buy him stuff like this and make him use it. Imagine me saying "use this...then this...and next is this one..."

their skintype analysis, using this would help you know what regimen would work for you

more of their 3-step skincare systems

I've used this before and I love it!
hmmm, makes me want to get it again. I heard they don't offer the cream-variant anymore. I remember using that and this concentrate.

and of course, their makeup section:

honestly, I haven't tried any of their makeup yet...but it isn't too late to start, yes!?

their Dermawhite line

Superbalanced Powder Makeup

This one I really want to get next time. I saw a review from Liz and it definitely made me want it more!

one of my favorite perfumes, though I prefer the Men's

delicious pica-pica from BIZU

Overall, the event has been fun. I've met new people and made friends. It's always fun sharing beauty tips, and talking about anything. I am so proud to be one of Shen's guests that day. Besides, I am one fan too.

group shot with Mira of Clinique

thanks to the wonderful ladies at the Clinique counter, and of course, to MIRA for this unforgettable experience.

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Issa said...

sayang i wasn't able to join this party! i wanted to meet you and Miss Shen! i'm a fan! :)

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