Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shopping at TonyMoly...

when I first heard about Tonymoly coming to the Philippines, and will be having a branch at the mall just at the back of my office, I wasn't really that interested. I know it's another Korean brand, and as much as I adore how gorgeous and cute Korean girls are, I'm just not that into Korean stuff...and yeah, I was wrong!

well, blame it to too much Twitter-ing, I just got so interested with Tonymoly after reading a number of raves from girls I happen to follow (you know who you are, LOL!)

so I went to the newly launched Tonymoly branch near me and spent my "lunch break" there.

and here's what I got:

toning lotion, nail file, sharpener, lipgloss, nail polish, sponges, gel liner, retractable brow liner, eyeshadow and a facial mask

and yeah, i got two Tonymoly tint as freebies!

Tonymoly has a lot of interesting products that come with super-cute packaging. I can spend a day checking out their stuff without getting bored, and they have nice and quite knowledgeable SAs too! I got super intrigued with their snail cream for the eyes and face. ewwww i know, but if it works, i won't mind putting it on my face (ugh, let me think about that again hahaha). if anybody here has tried it, please lemme know, pretty please?

so far, i am loving my loot...if you want me to review anything from my loot, just tell me and i'll try my best to make time for it.

til next time!


Jem said...

yup...ewww about the snail cream
i still can't imagine something like snails actually being used for skincare...

next thing we know baka pati worm extract na!

i'm more interested sa tomatox line nila

do let us know about the mask,ne?

Issa said...

nice haul you got there miss jheng! can't wait for your review on the toning lotion :)

AskMeWhats said...

My friend used the Snail Cream of Tony Moly, ok naman daw! Keribels :)

Azaza said...

They sound like a shop I would visit. What mall is it in?

Jamilla Camel said...

I can't wait to see you wearing your haul goodies!

Jing-jing Garcia said...

sis I have the mini Tonymoly tint super cute nuh?and long lasting din=)

Anonymous said...

that's quite a lotl! hope to see some reviews! muah! enjoy!

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