Thursday, August 4, 2011

Simple Joys....

years ago, i remember stepping out of this store with a bunch of small organizer boxes that i initially thought of giving away as gifts...but ended up just using them (LOL!)

i came across this store again the other day and look what i found:

accessories...yet again!

i immediately decided to get this one just because i remember seeing one like this from Tiffany. and well, i don't have the moolah to get a Tiffany so this one would do...for now.

i love this cross necklace...i have this certain fondness of using cross as an accessory. i know there are people who don't think it's good to use it as such, but not me. it's not something i wear to show people what my religious beliefs are, it's just an accessory to make my outfit less bland. period.

seems like i'm still on my addiction to accessories, and i don't think i'll be stopping anytime soon.

i'll be dropping by Simple Joys from time to time to check on their new accessories. they offer posh and trendy stuff from accessories to decors at reasonable prices. definitely a must-see store that would bring one "simple joys."


1 comment:

Glenn Encinares said...

Like your necklace :) sige nga maka drop by nga sa Simple Joy

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