Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Beauty Boot Camp at Fab Salon...

Last month, several bloggers were given a chance to spend some time at a newly opened salon at the Newport Mall in Pasay City...and I consider myself lucky to be one of them.

FAB Salon is a professional, full-service salon for both men and women. The salon was conceptualized to cater to a market that does not want to compromise quality in exchange for affordability, comfort for functionality and expertise for accessibility.

We were told that FAB Salon is owned by the same owners of Bruno's Barbers. Most of us would think that Bruno's Barbers would only cater to men...but nope, they actually have services for both men and women. I even had my mani-pedi done during my visit a long time ago. But for those who feel that the ambience in Bruno's is a bit too masculine, FAB Salon is for you.

As a treat, we were given a chance to try the different services that the Salon offers. There are specific seats for the back massage, manicure/pedicure, footspa, haircut, blowdry, threading and even facial.

bloggers trying out FAB salon's fab services

Phoebe enjoying her footspa

Shen having her nails done

I also wanted to have my mani-pedi after the back massage, but I decided to have my hair trimmed instead:

another haircut?


Shen during her eyebrow threading you know that I haven't tried this one ever? Well, I don't have much brow hairs anyway...LOL!

Sophie getting ready for some trim!

Sophie, are you sleeping!?

Earth also had her brows done

and Nikki too!

I swear, I'll let my brow hairs grow back then I'll try this. It looks painful, but when done properly, it's not. And it does give you polished, groomed brows!

Lourd Ramos, Creative Director

Despite having his own salon in Makati (Creations Salon by Lourd Ramos), he accepted the title of Creative Director for FAB Salon. He helps in fine-tuning the staff's talents and makes sure that what they do and offer is at par with the newest trends in the industry.

The staff also underwent rigid training for months before the salon's opening. Aside from their technical know-how, I admire how courteous and polite the staff are. The ambiance is warm and friendly, and this is definitely one salon where you'd want to spend your time for some pampering.

The salon also offers hair products and treatments from different well-known brands:

There are two main reasons why you'd love going to FAB Salon. First, they offer great services at affordable prices:

and second, they are open until 12mn!

This is good news to those who get off from work late (ahem ahem) and have no time to take a break for some beautification and pampering during the day.

I'll definitely go back to this salon soon. Probably before a movie date or dinner...with my girl friends, of course!

FAB Salon
4th Level Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila
(02) 822-0004
Operating Hours: 12Pm - 12Am


Issa said...

naku, your post makes me want to go to a salon now! ang sarap mag-pamper ng sarili after a day's work... i haven't tried eyebrow threading too, i'm scared baka masakit....

MereMakeupManiac said...

looks like you gals had a fab time! maybe i'll check this out, not too far from my inlaws... i can't believe they're open til 12mn!

Jamilla Camel said...

What a fantastic time! I totally rely on eyebrow threading - it's the only way to get those fine little hairs the tweezers miss!

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