Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lip Perfection Lipcolor by Covergirl + Review

On my previous post, I talked about the launch of Covergirl's Lip Perfection Lipcolor. And remember when I said I wanna get more shades? I am not kidding, coz I am starting to collect them. Too bad, the shades I want are always SOLD OUT.

Presenting the newest addition in my lipstick collection:

Tempt - Heavenly -Hypnotic - Fairytale - Hot - Fervor

I am officially addicted to these lipsticks...I just really wish the shades I want will soon be available. I want Temptress, Dazzle, Enchantress, Delight, Sweetheart and Flame.

These lipcolors are such a breeze to apply. It's creamy and slides on smoothly. They moisturize the lips and the pigmentation is just so unbelievable great!

Fairytale - Hypnotic - Fervor

Heavenly - Hot - Tempt

and now on my lips:







I love the packaging, totally a big step-up from their previous lipstick packaging. Staying power is so great and doesn't transfer as much. It stays on for a good 3-4 hours and unlike other lipsticks that I've tried, this fades evenly leaving some stain which is still nice. I no longer need a lipbalm underneath as these babies give my lips some TLC. Covergirl claims that it can totally improve your lips in 7 days...meaning, less dryness and less lines. It does have a bit of fragrance, but not the "old-lady" kind of it's still fine with me.

These cost Php395.00 each, not bad for a drugstore brand since a tube will last you a long time. And it's like buying a lipbalm, lip treatment and lipstick in one. Such a great deal!

And another thing that I love about it? It totally made me love wearing red lips!

I think I just met my right shade of red, don't you think?
So yeah, who said I can't wear red lips!?


check it out on Covergirl counters, i'm gonna bet you'll want to get at least one for yourself.


socialitedreams said...

you better rock a red lip looking THAT fab! i like fervor, hot, tempt, and hypnotic

Vonnie of

bee. said...

Wow. They look like great lippies! Everything looks great on you! ....I think I'm liking HOT :)

Tara Cabullo said...

Bongga mo lang! HOT nga! :) And you got more shades! Am lusting over Temt :D

Unknown said...

awesome pigmentation ☺♥

Issa said...

which one are you wearing on that last photo? is that tempt or hot? you look great! better get this na cause i've been reading a lot of great reviews about this liptick :)

MereMakeupManiac said...

oooh this is your twitter pic, loving it! :)

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