Friday, September 23, 2011

Take a Flight with ORLY’s newest collection, Birds of a Feather

Hiyee, nail polish lovers!

Here's something new from ORLY that surely deserves a space in your polish collections:

Birds of a Feather

Heads up, walk straight and flaunt your dashing nails with Orly’s newest collection! Bright and Funky colors are everywhere, why not go back to the classic and have your vintage edgy look with ORLY Birds of a Feather.

This collection spruce up six shades that captivate elegance and sophistication of women, Fowl Play (Tyrian Purple Sparkle), Lucky Duck (Dark Green Crème), Nite Owl (French Beige Shimmer), Peachy Parrot (Coral Shimmer), Sea Gurl (Grey Shimmer) & Sweet Peacock (Cobalt Blue Shimmer).

All you ladies raise your hands and continue to soar high!

A rich collection of shimmering iridescent and deep creams reminiscent of a beautiful flock of bird feathers.

Sea Gurl
(Gray shimmer)

Nite Owl
(beige shimmer)

Peachy Parrot
(coral shimmer)

Lucky Duck
(green creme)

Fowl Play
(purple sparkle)

Sweet Peacock
(blue shimmer)

I am not a huge nail polish fan but I love all the colors in this collection. Surprisingly, I love Nite Owl the most when I would usually pick the loudest shade.

Here's what I got for now:

Color is very summery and fresh.

I was asking how come they don't have something Pink in the collection. But then again, is there such a bird with pink feathers?


jo lim said...

flamingo pink? ;)

Jamilla Camel said...

Love the colour! They have really good top coats, too!

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