Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trick or Treat from Bactidol...

Hiyee dear readers! Sorry (again!) for the lack of usual, my work has been taking so much of my time that I haven't had the chance to post. I have pictures to share but you know the works..editing, resizing and all that also take time. But hopefully I'll be able to get back to my usual blogging soon. Let's keep our fingers crossed, shall we!? ^_^

Anyways, Halloween is just around the corner. I've been wanting to post a Halloween look like what i did here, but again...yadah yadah yadah. I would have to wait til work's not too toxic, but probably that would be around Christmas time already, LOL!

Good thing our friends from Bactidol came up with iconic scenes taken from popular horror films to get us into the Halloween spirit:


Friday, October 28, 2011

EOTD/FOTD: Bright Blues + my initial take on Tonymoly's Snail BB cream...

Faceshop brow liner

Proofit Liquid Brow liner
Stila eye primer
UD e/s in Deep End, Evidence and Omen (15th Anniversary palette)
MAC fluidline in Blacktrack
Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara

Tonymoly Snail BB cream
Graftobian concealer
Shu Uemura loose powder
MAC blush in True Romantic
MAC Sculpt and Shape

MAC Marquise D'

I find myself always reaching out for my Snail BB cream ever since I got. I am loving its coverage, staying power and how light it feels on my skin. Also, I didn't experience any sort of allergic reactions. Definitely an HG material. I'll post a more detailed review next time. It definitely made my lemming to Tonymoly's Snail skincare line!

I didn't know that this Marquise D' lipstick is so adorable. You know me, I'm not really into dark shades of lipsticks so this one definitely became an instant favorite. I just wish I won't be able to finish this tube soon, as this is the one i got from the MAC WW collection. Is this shade permanent?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

(Only the good and) New Products from Human Nature...

new stuff from Human Nature:

Human Nature All-Natural Deodorant with Sunflower

A 100% all naturally-made deodorant (not an antiperspirant) that's free from aluminum salts that can lead to cancer, reproductive system toxicity and neurotoxicity. And it also has sunflower oil to give you soft and lighter underarms. With Chitosan, it helps promote wound healing and aside from being anti-microbial and anti-itching, it's also an excellent skin moisturizer.

Php 84.75

Human Nature Bug-Shield Lotion

Our newest bug lotion acts like an invisible force field that gives you 100% natural protection from mosquitoes and from long-term damage from DEET! This non-sticky, easy-to-apply, pleasantly scented lotion has been especially formulated for everyday use in school or at the office. So you not only get dengue and DEET protection but moisturizing action as well.
Php 84.75

Human Nature Natural Strengthening Shampoo

A huge scientific breakthrough from Human Nature Natural Care Labs! CREAMFoam® works like a lotion together with Philippine coco nectar and pure avocado oil to keep your hair soft and moisturized from roots to tips. 24 amino acids, 17 vitamins and 14 minerals give you truly healthy hair without the dryness or irritation from chemical shampoos. 96.4% natural.

Php 44.75

Human Nature Natural Strengthening Conditioner
The powerful embrace of gugo bark & calamansi helps fortify hair to dramatically reduce breakage and hair loss! Organic VCO leaves your locks shiny, soft and healthy looking. Beauty & Strength! In olive & aloe scent. 100% natural.

Php 49.75

This tandem of their latest hair care is my current fave. I had permanent blowdry months ago and so til now, I use sulfate-free shampoo. I tried using sulfate-free shampoo/conditioners before but I always end up with more frizzy, hard-to-comb hair. Some would make my hair too stiff during shampooing that I couldn't massage it well on my hair and will always have this thought that I wasn't really able to cleanse my hair well.

But with this shampoo and conditioner, i always get soft, manageable and shiny hair after. What's even greater is that my hair fall definitely lessened! I blogged about this anti-hairfall/strengthening shampoo a few months back which really works, but of course, the price is a bit steeper. With HHN, i get stuff that works at a very affordable price. Who wouldn't want to save a few moolah to buy something else?
(like makeup? LOL)

Our kid-friendly formula contains our unique Protein Care System with Coco Nectar, a rich source of amino acids and vitamins to nourish the hair and skin while effectively washing away dirt and grime. Avocado Oil and Aloe Vera also makes sure your child gets a moisturizing clean and none of the dryness. And because it's a 2-in-1 shampoo, it's mom-friendly too!

Php 44.75

I know this is one of Phoebe's faves...I got one of this months ago and never really tried using it. But because of Phoebe's rave, it became one of my faves too! The scent's so moisturizing and it surely is addicting to use. What I also love about it is that it's a shampoo and body wash in one! So this means you can stuff your toiletry kit with something else coz you wouldn't need to bring a separate shampoo and body wash during your out-of-town trips!

Human Nature Natural Lip Balms
Experience the smoother, softer glide and the mouth-watering natural flavors that will surely keep you reaching for your lip balm again and again...and again!

Php 74.75

I love how it moisturizes my lips with a bit of tint!

Human Nature 100% Natural Mineral Lip Gloss

Introducing…mineral lip gloss with the look good, feel good factor! With a cooling sensation that makes it fun to apply. Passion fruit oil moisturizes and nourishes for soft smooth lips that will surely get noticed!

Php 195.00

I love wearing this to match my bold eye makeup. It does have a bit of cooling sensation which can make it addicting to use.

Human Nature Mineral Blush

This lightweight, sheer mineral blush has Vitamin E anti-oxidants for healthy skin. Its silky texture glides on smoothly and doesn’t wear off easily, giving you a healthy-looking glow form morning till night.

Php 225.00

I am loving these products from Human Nature, most especially their makeup! It's not so often that I get to like our local products when it comes to makeup. I've recently posted an FOTD using my Human Nature Mineral makeup, you can see it here.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

National Flawless Day - Week 4: Forever Smooth

We're almost halfway Flawless' 10 week countdown to National Flawless Day and things are indeed getting a lot more amazing!

Week 4: October 24 - 30, 2011

This week, drop by one of your favorite Flawless branch and avail of up to 40% off the following popular treatments:

Flawless Hair Removal / Smart PL

Flawless Hair Removal (Back/session)
Php 12450.00 , now at Php 9337.50

Flawless Hair Removal (Back Lifetime)
Php 99600.00, now at Php 74700.00

Flawless Hair Removal (Chest/session)
Php 12450.00, now at Php 9337.50

Flawless Hair Removal (Chest Lifetime)
Php 99600.00, now at Php 74700.00

Flawless Hair Removal (Beard/session)
Php 4950.00 , now at Php 3712.50

Flawless Hair Removal (Beard Lifetime)
Php 39600.00, now at Php29700.00

Flawless Hair Removal (Bikini/session)
Php 3500.00 , now at Php 2625.00

Flawless Hair Removal (Bikini Lifetime)
Php 20700.00, now at Php27600.00

Flawless Hair Removal (Lower Leg/session)
Php 9950.00, now at Php 7462.50

Flawless Hair Removal (Lower Leg Lifetime)
Php 79600.00, now at Php 59700.00

Flawless Hair Removal (UA/session)
Php 3500.00, now at Php 2625.00

Flawless Hair Removal (UA Lifetime)
Php 27600.00, now at Php 20700.00

Flawless Hair Removal (Upper Ext/session)
Php 8450.00, now at Php 6337.50

Flawless Hair Removal (Upper Ext Lifetime)
Php 67600.00, now at Php 50700.00

Flawless Hair Removal (Upper Legs/session)
Php 11450.00, now at Php 8587.50

Flawless Hair Removal (Upper Legs Lifetime)
Php 91600.00, now at Php 68700.00

Flawless Hair Removal (Upper Lip/session)
Php 1950.00, now at Php 1462.50

Flawless Hair Removal (Upper Lip Lifetime)
Php 15600.00, now at Php 11700.00

Body Scrub with Bleaching
Php10000.00, now at Php8000.00
(Package Deal 5 + 1 Free)

For every Php1500 spent, you're entitled to the Pick-A-Prize promo where you can win GCs, soap or even a specific Flawless service for free!

For inquiries, please call 6879118 or 5846807.

You can also like them on Facebook (Flawless Face and Body) and/or follow them on Twitter (MyFlawless).

Again, we're only (almost) halfway, so expect more amazing discounts and great deals from one of the country's aesthetic clinics.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A day of pampering at Ellen's Aesthetic Center Part II

As promised, here's the Part II of my pampering day at Ellen's Aesthetic Center with Sophie. Just in case you've missed the first part, click here.

After my Ofuro Akasuri scrub, I also had the whitening scrub where I was scrubbed (again) with an exfoliating scrub. After that, I was again asked to rinse and then a whitening solution is applied on my body

One other issue that I have with regards to my body is that I am fat. Please don't argue with me about this...I know I may not look fat in pictures but wait til you see me in person. I'll show you my tummy and my arms and let's see if you still wouldn't agree with me.

We all know that exercise and proper diet is still the best way to lose unwanted fat. But not everybody has the time to do it. I spend most of my time at work, and will be usually tired once I get please understand if exercise and healthy foods are not the first things that would come into my mind. But of course, this wouldn't mean the end for us lazy-butts. Most aesthetic centers (even dermatological clinics) are now offering non-invasive treatments like Ultrasonic Cavitation and Radio Frequency Slimming to get rid of unwanted fat on hard-to-target areas. And yes, Ellen's offer those too!

the room for slimming treatments

the dream-machine for those who wants to get slim the faster and easier way

What is (Slimming) Cavitation?

A new non-surgical technique that allows to reduce localized fat, breaking the bonds that form the fat cells,which the body will dispose of through the urinary tract.

(taken from healthandfitnesshelp)

that's me looking stupid for acting scared!

my beautiful and accommodating therapist

(ugh, there's my fat tummy!)

first, they will get your measurements...yes, I'm a 29!

Gel is then applied on the body part that will go under the treatment

the hand piece will then be pressed on the skin in circular's like a massage but accompanied with some heat that is tolerable. Once the head piece is pressed on your body, you'll hear a sound that only you can hear. But don't worry, this is normal and you're definitely not going nuts! It's actually the sound that helps break down the localized fats to help to get it eliminated easily thru urine.

it's definitely painless but you'd feel warm after the treatment

after the Cavitation treatment

See the redness? don't worry, it's just normal and usually goes away after an hour or less. It's not painful, promise (cross my heart...hope I won't die! =P)

After Cavitation wherein you'd lose the fats, you need something that will help that body part not to sag. This is where the RF (Radio Frequency) treatment comes in. It definitely helps in firming those parts that lost weight.

Again, a gel is applied to prep my tummy for the treatment

Some sort of metal rod is then put under me...i think this is to avoid electric shocks. I kinda got scared when they told me that...but I immediately brushed it away for I know the people in this center are well-trained and they have been doing these things for a long time yeah, I believe I'm in good hands!

and then the treatment:

The headpiece does the sucking and pulling of the skin under treatment. This time, there will be a bit of pain most especially if it's your first time but it's still tolerable. Besides, you could always ask your therapist to adjust. As you can see in the pictures, her hands sort of massaging my tummy after every sucking and pulling. I got used to the pain after a few minutes.

oh yeah, it's all about sucking and's a bit painful but i'm sure you can tolerate the pain. besides, you have to remember: No PAIN, No GAIN!

after the treatment, you'd definitely feel sore and there would be red marks on your skin (most especially if you have sensitive skin). again, don't worry as this will go away after 2-3days.

the therapist will then clean the body part by wiping the gel off

and then, it'll be time to measure you again:

oh yes, i'm done to a size 28! that's one size smaller, baby!

Take note that some would end up with a one-size bigger-measurement, but this is normal. Of course if you are sore, you'll be bigger. But the feeling of being bloated and sore will go away in 2-3days, so you don't really have to worry.

To fully see the results, you'd need a number of sessions...probably 8-10? And of course, you have to combine this with a healthy lifestyle by working out and eating healthy foods to really end up with a vavavoom body! It's expensive at Php4500 (price varies, depending on the body part) but it's definitely worth it. I am saving some moolah for a second session and probably for my arms too!
(keeping my fingers crossed)

I know a lot of people who undergo these treatments and not only did they lose the unwanted fats, it also helped them have a nicely-shaped body. With this machine you can definitely dictate as to what part you'd like to lose the fat and what part you'd want to retain. These two are definitely on the list of the most sought after slimming treatments today.

These treatments are just few of the other slimming treatments being offered by Ellen's. If interested, you can try calling them for you to reserve a slot and probably also to consult what type of treatment would best suit you.

Ellen's Asthetic Center
#54 Timog Avenue, Laging Handa
Quezon City 1100 Philippines
for reservations: 413-3375, 374-6665

Til next time!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

An (almost) all-natural look from Human Heart Nature...

I've had these items from Human Heart Nature for quite a time and I know it's about time to put them into use. I've been using their shampoo and conditioner for months, alternating it with another brand which helps me with my falling hair problem but this is the first time that I'd be using most of their products for a makeup look. Their tinted lip balm is one of my favorites, it keeps my lips moisturized and just enough tint for an au naturel lip color.

Let me first give you some bits of info about their makeup that I used for my look:

Human Nature Mineral Eyeshadow palette in Enchanted Evening

A palette of beautiful, rich, velvety smooth colors so wearable that it suits every Filipina’s skin tone, from the fair mestizas to the dark olive morenas. Its beautiful shades of purple create a perfect sexy, smoky evening eye look that’s flattering on anyone. The result: a fabulous killer look.
Php 325.00


Human Nature Mineral Blush in Rosy Cheeks

This lightweight, sheer mineral blush has Vitamin E anti-oxidants for healthy skin. Its silky texture glides on smoothly and doesn’t wear off easily, giving you a healthy-looking glow form morning till night.
Php 225.00


Human Nature Mineral Lip Gloss in Pink Hibiscus

Gives sheer, natural color and non-sticky shine. It's 100% natural and contains passion fruit seed oil which helps moisturize and nourish your lips leaving them soft and smooth with an added boost of shine and a little hint of a cooling sensation.
Php 195.00


and now, my EOTD/FOTD using (mostly) Human Nature Mineral makeup:

Tonymoly retractable eyebrow liner
Human Nature eyeshadow palette in Enchanted Evening
MAC fluidline in Blacktrack
Maybelline Stiletto mascara
Covergirl liquiline eyeliner in Black

Tonymoly Snail BB Cream (this one is so good that it became an instant favorite!)
Shu Uemura finishing loose powder
Graftobian concealer
Human Nature mineral blush
MAC Sculpt and Shape

Human Nature lip gloss in Pink Hibiscus

I love the blush, it just took a few more swipes before it finally showed up on my skin but when it did, it gave me a fresh, and natural looking blush. Some colleagues even asked me what blush I used. The eyeshadows are easy to blend but like the blush, it did take a few more swipes than the usual before it showed up. I didn't use any eye primer, but I used the Tonymoly bb cream to prime my eyes and my eye makeup did stay the entire day. I went home almost past midnight with just a bit of creasing, but it's still okay.

The lip gloss is something I'll make sure I would not run out of. It's non-sticky and like what's stated in the product description, it does give you this cooling sensation that makes it addictive to use. I literally kept the gloss in my coat's pocket the whole time, retouching every now and then, not because the hint of color is fading but because I love that it helps me keep my cool despite the crazy work day.

I think I'm gonna pay the nearest Beauty Bar a visit since Human Heart Nature is available there. Yes, it's the first (and probably the only) locally made item that's available in Beauty Bar...truly a Pinoy-pride! I wanna get their blush in Petal Bloom and Tropical Rose..and probably other shades of their lip gloss.


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