Sunday, October 2, 2011

A day of pampering at Ellen's Aesthetic Center Part I...

I've been hearing about Ellen's Aesthetic Center and seeing their signboard in Pampanga (whenever I'm on my way home) since time immemorial, so I knew they have been in the beauty industry for a long time already. Truth be told, I thought Ellens is more for older women and that they don't have advanced beauty treatments/services. Oh boy, I was so WRONG.

It was one rainy Saturday when Sophie scheduled me to have a beauty and pampering day at Ellens. After our (supposedly light) lunch at King Chef, we went straight to Ellens branch at Tomas Morato and this is what greeted me:

I didn't know that they are the faces of Ellens Aesthetic Center. So there, my stupid thinking is starting to get corrected.

I love their interiors:

this display cabinet feels and looks so majestic!

very clean and cozy

the stairs on the right is the way to their upper floors where the pampering begins

When Sophie told me about their footspa area, I got so curious and when I finally saw it for myself, my jaw almost dropped!

I was like, "You really use these pink-cushioned chairs for footspa?" I can't believe my eyes, it's like a footspa area for a queen.

I don't think anybody would be able to pull me out of these chairs once I get my ass on it!

I wasn't able to to try their footspa/mani/pedi services since Sophie has this one service she really wanted me to try: the OFURO AKASURI Scrub

My attendant first led me to a room where I can change into a robe and disposable undies.
Then she brought me to their wet room where the treatment will be done:

I must say that at that point, I am getting more impressed!

the tub

By the way, OFURO means soaking tub while AKASURI means Dirt (AKA) and to rub (SURI) in Japanese. Ofuro Akasuri scrub is a form of exfoliation where the body dirt will be vigorously scrubbed to give way to a smoother, whiter and polished body.

I was then told to immerse myself in this tub and stay there for 30mins. A solution is mixed with the bath water to help soften the skin and prep it for the scrubbing.

oh yes, that's ME!

The bubbles and the warm bath totally helped me relax and forget about everything else. I wanted to stay there forever!

After half an hour, I was asked to lie on the bed face down. I was kinda uneasy at first since I am not used to being almost naked in front of somebody else (with lights on) so I didn't remove my robe at first!

But of course, the scrubbing won't start unless you take the robe off.

the mitt for scrubbing

My attendant started scrubbing my feet, then my legs and then my back. It was not the usual scrubbing that we do at home for this is a bit more abrasive and those with sensitive skin might not like it at first, but you can always tell your attendant to lessen the pressure. I scrub my body 2-3x a week but still, I was able to see a lot of dead skin getting removed. I was again embarrassed that my attendant would think I don't really take a bath or at least scrub. Hahaha, I am paranoid like that!

When I was told to lie on my back, I was again trying to cover myself but eventually got tired of it that I just finally let go. Besides, my attendant has been so polite to tell me that there's no reason to be ashamed of, as they are already used to what they do (and see).

After almost an hour of scrubbing, she asked me to get up and take a shower:

I was so surprised, and amazed to see a lot of dead skin removed from my body. I felt so smooth and clean after. I don't think I was able to enjoy the shower before like I did at Ellens after the scrub. It really felt refreshing and liberating...imagine, getting yourself free from all those yucky dead skin you didn't know you still have?

This service is priced at Php1500...I think this is a small price to pay for getting that cleaner, smoother and dead skin-free body. Also, the vigorous scrubbing is not the usual scrubbing that we do at home since they do it in circles, like a form of massage, which also helps in blood circulation. I will be going back for another session of this soon and if my budget permits, I'd probably have this every month. I (super) highly recommend this service to all those who want a brighter, smoother and healthier skin.

And yeah, I've proven myself wrong about my assumption about Ellen's. And this is just the start, as I have a few more posts about the other services that I've tried. Stay tuned for that!

Ellen's Asthetic Center
#54 Timog Avenue, Laging Handa
Quezon City 1100 Philippines
for reservations: 413-3375, 374-6665


Jamilla Camel said...

What a fantastic experience!!

Rhealyng Inguito said...

I am jealous!!! Is this also an Aesthetic clinic? I mean do they offer intensive skin care treatment?

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