Sunday, October 16, 2011

i tried...but i failed!

Why, oh why must I always fail whenever I see you? Why must you always tease and seduce me? I always end up being a softie whenever I catch a glimpse of you...I cannot resist you.

I hate the fact that I love you so much, Forever21!

A day before the big sale, I dropped by Forever21 to check out on what they would be offering during the sale...Seeing a lot of people lining up for the fitting rooms, I decided to check on their accessories section first, and oh boy, I ended up spending a lot of time there that I didn't get the chance to check on their clothes anymore!

See what I got:

my addiction to crucifixes as accessories is still alive...and I don't see it ending soon

love this teal-colored heart...a lovely way to give my look a pop of color!

and yet another one!

I have this in silver which i got from another store...this one's cheaper though!

this one's my sister got my first one. she adores how cute this is, and well, I can't blame her..this is really cute, don't you think so too?

hmmm, i see an upcoming addiction with hearts...

i LOVE this one...i wish i can find this in gold as well

the funny thing is, I didn't wait for the sale...i'm not sure if these items went on sale, I just knew I won't have time to drop by during the weekend sale so I got them in advance. LOL

please don't break my heart by informing me if they indeed went on sale. but on second thought, i am one happy shopper for getting these gorgeous items...on sale or not.



Gellie Abogado said...

Adorable accessories! Looove! :)

AskMeWhats said...

Aside from your bed, pwedeng kunin din accessories mo?? hehehe misshhhyooo

socialitedreams said...

f21 has the BEST accessories and always so cheap. great haul :D

Unknown said...

i was about to ask you if you got them on sale prices kahit the day before ka pa namili sis, :)

all of them are really pretty.. especially love the cross earrings and all your heart isa ring ba yun sis? yun parang neon bright green color.

MereMakeupManiac said...

ok lang yan sis, retail therapy! (^_^)

love the black-studded heart necklace!!

Bruce said...

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