Tuesday, October 4, 2011

more Tonymoly stuff!

I've been going back to Tonymoly quite a few times already. One reason is that I'm lemming on their snail serum/cream. I've been wanting to get that since the first time I dropped by their store months ago. But I still can't get bring myself to buy it...probably after a few more reviews!
(okay, I'm just too chicken to put anything on me that comes from snails!)

so for the meantime, I got myself these:

Tomatox Brightening All-in-one fluid, eyeshadow and brow pencil

Tomatox Brightening All-in-One Fluid

I was told that their Tomatox line is one of their best-sellers. Whitening, brightening..hmm, I can't possibly say No to that.

Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack
(got this as a freebie)

shimmering beige-y eyeshadow for lazy days

and of course, time to buy a backup of my HG brow liner:

Lovely Eyebrow Pencil in #3

I LOVE, LOVE this brow pencil...the best part? it's uber cheap at Php148!

What are the other must-buy stuff from Tonymoly? I'm also thinking of getting one of their BB creams for my sister, any recos?


Anonymous said...

Saw on Liz's blog that she tried out and liked the Dear Me BB Cream and the Baby Doll BB Foundation. :D

Zxcv said...

Hmmm I've never been to Tony Moly but I've heard of the brand from YOutube. Is it a salon in the Philippines or just a shop? Just out of curiosity here! he he! I'd def love to check out the tomato facials since tomato itself is a good antioxidant! :) I love the tomato packaging too! so cute! lol

MariaKristela said...

This Tomatox Brightening All-in-One Fluid is intriguing. Hehe. How much is it?

Unknown said...

re bb cream for your sister: i love my tony moly expert triple bb cream, it has spf45 and pa of +++ and it's great for my oily combination skin. good luck

MissGennD said...

I love their gloss and blush too!

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