Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New stuff from Avon...

AVON...Who among us here have never tried, or at least heard about this brand at one point in our lives? I still remember that lady who comes to our house every first week of the month, with the latest brochure on her hand, offering us items from AVON for a one-month installment basis LOL! Geesh, I think AVON was my first brand of makeup...probably undies too (hahaha) and even perfume. My fave back then was Sweet Honesty. I felt all grown up even at the young age of 13 whenever I wear that scent.

Thru the years, AVON has been offering us new innovations in skincare, makeup and fragrances. My love for their products didn't end during my younger years (yeah, i'm old!). My post about their latest hair products will prove that I still get curious on their new offerings, because the brand will always be one of those that I know I can trust.

AVON always come up with new products, so we can have more choices on what will work for us. Let me share with you some of their new offerings (that might not be so new anymore since I got them weeks ago, sorry!)

Skin So Soft Signature Silk Replenishing Hand and Body Lotion

Immediately boosts skin's moisture and lasts for 24 hours. Silkplex technology lavishes skin with the essence of luxurious silk and time-release formula targets and moisturizes the right areas


ANEW360White Transforming Mask

Skin dullness is attributed to melanin and the 50 billion toxins suchas free radicals that bombard the skin every week. One way to protect the skin and bring back its clarity and translucency is to apply a weekly treatmentsuch as Anew 360
White Transforming Mask. Aside from melanin, toxic such as free radicals within skin would also hurt your skin.

Anew 360 White Transforming Mask's fine massage beads stimulate the skin and instantly smoothens the skin by gently removing dead skin cells while Avon's patented whitening ingredients dramatically whitens the skin


Sassy Swirls Eau de Toilette Purse Spray

Indulgent purse sprays available in 3 scents:

Vanilla Blosson
Satiate your sweet side with velvety violet and vibrant pink peony petals swirled with enticing, warm vanilla

Vanilla Bean
Satisfy cravings with sparkling mandarin, exotic sandalwood and lush orchid swirled with irresistible, rich vanilla

Vanilla Berry
Include in the pure decadence of tart, raspberries and blackberries swirled with sweet, delicate creamy vanilla


Extralasting Liquid Liner

Intense liquid color glides over lids without smudging or fading


I've only tried the body lotion, and it became an immediate favorite. I can totally compare it with my recent HG lotion...non-sticky, absolutely moisturizing, subtle scent...but with just one downside, no SPF. But it's still <3!

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