Thursday, October 27, 2011

(Only the good and) New Products from Human Nature...

new stuff from Human Nature:

Human Nature All-Natural Deodorant with Sunflower

A 100% all naturally-made deodorant (not an antiperspirant) that's free from aluminum salts that can lead to cancer, reproductive system toxicity and neurotoxicity. And it also has sunflower oil to give you soft and lighter underarms. With Chitosan, it helps promote wound healing and aside from being anti-microbial and anti-itching, it's also an excellent skin moisturizer.

Php 84.75

Human Nature Bug-Shield Lotion

Our newest bug lotion acts like an invisible force field that gives you 100% natural protection from mosquitoes and from long-term damage from DEET! This non-sticky, easy-to-apply, pleasantly scented lotion has been especially formulated for everyday use in school or at the office. So you not only get dengue and DEET protection but moisturizing action as well.
Php 84.75

Human Nature Natural Strengthening Shampoo

A huge scientific breakthrough from Human Nature Natural Care Labs! CREAMFoam® works like a lotion together with Philippine coco nectar and pure avocado oil to keep your hair soft and moisturized from roots to tips. 24 amino acids, 17 vitamins and 14 minerals give you truly healthy hair without the dryness or irritation from chemical shampoos. 96.4% natural.

Php 44.75

Human Nature Natural Strengthening Conditioner
The powerful embrace of gugo bark & calamansi helps fortify hair to dramatically reduce breakage and hair loss! Organic VCO leaves your locks shiny, soft and healthy looking. Beauty & Strength! In olive & aloe scent. 100% natural.

Php 49.75

This tandem of their latest hair care is my current fave. I had permanent blowdry months ago and so til now, I use sulfate-free shampoo. I tried using sulfate-free shampoo/conditioners before but I always end up with more frizzy, hard-to-comb hair. Some would make my hair too stiff during shampooing that I couldn't massage it well on my hair and will always have this thought that I wasn't really able to cleanse my hair well.

But with this shampoo and conditioner, i always get soft, manageable and shiny hair after. What's even greater is that my hair fall definitely lessened! I blogged about this anti-hairfall/strengthening shampoo a few months back which really works, but of course, the price is a bit steeper. With HHN, i get stuff that works at a very affordable price. Who wouldn't want to save a few moolah to buy something else?
(like makeup? LOL)

Our kid-friendly formula contains our unique Protein Care System with Coco Nectar, a rich source of amino acids and vitamins to nourish the hair and skin while effectively washing away dirt and grime. Avocado Oil and Aloe Vera also makes sure your child gets a moisturizing clean and none of the dryness. And because it's a 2-in-1 shampoo, it's mom-friendly too!

Php 44.75

I know this is one of Phoebe's faves...I got one of this months ago and never really tried using it. But because of Phoebe's rave, it became one of my faves too! The scent's so moisturizing and it surely is addicting to use. What I also love about it is that it's a shampoo and body wash in one! So this means you can stuff your toiletry kit with something else coz you wouldn't need to bring a separate shampoo and body wash during your out-of-town trips!

Human Nature Natural Lip Balms
Experience the smoother, softer glide and the mouth-watering natural flavors that will surely keep you reaching for your lip balm again and again...and again!

Php 74.75

I love how it moisturizes my lips with a bit of tint!

Human Nature 100% Natural Mineral Lip Gloss

Introducing…mineral lip gloss with the look good, feel good factor! With a cooling sensation that makes it fun to apply. Passion fruit oil moisturizes and nourishes for soft smooth lips that will surely get noticed!

Php 195.00

I love wearing this to match my bold eye makeup. It does have a bit of cooling sensation which can make it addicting to use.

Human Nature Mineral Blush

This lightweight, sheer mineral blush has Vitamin E anti-oxidants for healthy skin. Its silky texture glides on smoothly and doesn’t wear off easily, giving you a healthy-looking glow form morning till night.

Php 225.00

I am loving these products from Human Nature, most especially their makeup! It's not so often that I get to like our local products when it comes to makeup. I've recently posted an FOTD using my Human Nature Mineral makeup, you can see it here.

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herroyalbleakness said...

My eyes are on the lip balm since i've heard quite a lot about it :) it's so great that HHN's coming up with great prods! thanks for sharing them.

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