Tuesday, November 29, 2011

NYX Matte Lipstick in Aubrey

I seriously wish I could get away with wearing bright, colored lipsticks...but nah, I simply cant. I envy those who can just wear red lips and look polished...my face gets all red at some point, that I would look SO made up even with just lipstick. So yeah, I always end up wearing nudes...and well, pair my (almost) nude puckers with a bright eye makeup instead.

I recently got a new lippie, which I've been using almost everyday. It's still not as bright as those shades I've been wanting to wear, but at least, it still has a lot more color than what I usually wear:

NYX Matte Lipstick in Aubrey

it's Pink...the exact kind of pink I can wear and still pair with my eye makeup!

(excuse the sweat..ewww, LOL!)

I love this shade. Like, LOVE IT TO BITS. It's an innocent kind of pink, imho.

You can get yours from Digitaltraincase, i think they still have stocks of this shade...or other shades that would suit you best.

Visit her at the St. James Bazaar and get started with your Christmas shopping...and oh, please
support Beauty Pro Cosmetics which is also being sold at her booth :) Also drop by the Beauty and Minerals and Amber Lights Laguna booths. They will be there until Nov 30th.



theVEROblog said...

very pretty color!

Issa said...

i love the shade of pink! it's the kind of pink for everyday use! :)

jing shem said...

i love the pretty color. i can wear it anytime of the day. :)

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