Friday, November 25, 2011

Product Review: Tonymoly Backstage Gel Liner

If there's one makeup product I regret not having known when I was still in school, it would be the eyeliner!

Would you believe I hated wearing eyeshadows, most especially eye liners because I've always thought that my eyes would look so "strong" or "fierce" (in a not so good way) than it already is? So whenever I go to the salon to have my makeup done, I would always say No if it's time to apply the liner. Now that I already know how it helps my eyes look more defined, I don't think I'd survive without eyeliners ever again!

I've started using pencil liners, then I switched to liquid...and some 2-3 years ago, I found that I prefer using gel liners. It's easier to use, no need to worry about sharpening or drying out of the felt tips for some.

My first love was the MAC fluidline...was, because I've found a new love:

Tonymoly Backstage Gel liner

the white top cover helps to make sure your gel liner will not dry out easily

it comes with a brush too!

Tonymoly Backstage Gel Liner in Black

Tonymoly Backstage Gel Liner in Brown (with gold specks)

pigmentation is great (although I wish the one in brown is more opaque), and it stays put all day. i've had these pots for months already and it's not in any way near to drying out unlike my MAC fluidlines before. they are creamy enough and application is a breeze. I highly recommend this to those who would want to learn using gel liners. it doesn't dry too quickly so you can take your time to line your lash lines perfectly.


it's smudge-proof and really is! let me prove it:

swatches have been rubbed

swatches under running water

swatches have been rubbed while wet

swatches have been dried then rubbed again

at this point, the smudging is a lot more obvious. but I don't think you'd come to a point of rubbing your eyes that much!

to finally remove the liners, I use my favorite and trusted makeup remover...Ponds cold cream!


I've used this on several makeup gigs, and it withstood the heat, some rubbing and even some crying during weddings! It's also a lot cheaper than MAC, this one costs less than Php500 while MAC is Php1000++. I can buy two (or probably 3) for the price of one fluidline!

I am not loving the brush that comes with it since I love using a bent eyeliner brush like that of Charm's. But I've read that it's good too..I might take a second look at it one of these days :)

So yeah, I'm really loving this gel liner from Tonymoly. I'd be getting more colors soon! This definitely tops my list when it comes to gel liners...truly worthy of an HG status!


Crystal Gale said...

Thanls for the review! I think I will give this a try...I lost hope with MAC fluidlines and smashbox's gel liners because they dried up within a couple of months...I hope this won't dry upthat fast because it has a sealed lid.. ^_^


Thanks for the review. Maybe I'll try this out sometime. :)

probinsiyana said...

Where did you get this? :)

AskMeWhats said...

Bongga ang ganyang packaging and gusto ko smaller talaga ang size ng gel liners para maubos ko talaga! Most of my gel liners dried out and I wasn't even halfway pa! sayang di ba?

Anyways, I see BEROCCA!!! :D

Unknown said...

yep, ok ang gel liners nila definitely worth it i have 4 shades hahaha

MereMakeupManiac said...

i love gel liners too above all other types. the brush looks like that of Maybelline's. i like those since am into thick eyelines. thanks for sharing sis!

jing shem said...

i like the shade. thanks for the review.

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