Monday, December 26, 2011

My House Husband (Ikaw Na) final presson...

I don't get to watch much Filipino movies nowadays but if there's one movie that I wouldn't dare to miss, it would definitely be My House Husband that has Judy Ann Santos, Ryan Agoncillo and Eugene Domingo as the main stars.

The movie held its last presscon at Guilly's Island (Tomas Morato) last Dec 17 and despite the bad weather (and terrible traffic!) I'm glad I attended the event.

Melai and Shalala as the hosts

the beautiful (and funny) Eugene Domingo

the real-life husband and wife, Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo

They just look so good together.
And I love the fact that they started out as friends, eventually fell in love and got married.

Most of the attendees are from the blogging community.

As per Judy Ann, she gets more nervous when surrounded by bloggers during presscons. Unlike people from the press, she said the bloggers ask questions that are more direct to the point.

It was such a fun event. It's informal and I've learned a lot from these real-life couple and of course, from Eugene as well.

For Judy, to be the one to bring home the bacon is okay, as long as the husband will be the one doing the house chores. Of course, it's not the usual setup but nowadays, what's important is that couples respect and help one another and do their parts to make sure that their marriage works.

She also said that it's important to marry the person who's also your friend, because at the end of the day, it helps to just laugh at your mistakes and help you go through rough times.

There was never a boring moment during the presscon, we were all laughing all the time. I didn't know Eugene is really so adorable and funny! She's an inspiration to many...imagine she started out as an extra and just look at her now...this movie is actually just one of the 3 movies in this year's Manila Film Festival.

My House Husband (Ikaw Na) is part of this year's Manila Film Fest and is now showing. I highly recommend this movie as this is one story that happens in real life, and I am sure a lot of couples would be able to relate in one way or another. I'm leaving for a two-week vacation days from now, but I really hope I'd be able to find time to catch this movie before I leave. This is one movie I prefer to see in a movie house...and I know this is gonna be worth it.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Wishing everybody a...

Love you always,

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

FreSh Fragrance Bar, your perfume-heaven on earth!

I confess that I don't buy perfumes at the mall. I hate being followed by salesmen asking me to try their perfumes. Sometimes I just get too annoyed when they would start blocking my way and say "Ma'am, perfume?" There were also times when I would just turn my back and forget that I need to buy something whenever I would see them starting to go in my direction. It's like being allergic to something, LOL! And I am sure a lot can relate to this.

So for quite some time now, I get my perfumes thru my mom or thru friends who sell them. If I would buy from the mall, I read reviews online first or get suggestions from people as to what perfume is good and then go directly to its counter to buy it. I don't go around sniffing on testers anymore.

When I got an invite to check out a newly opened fragrance bar, I kinda hesitated at first. Again, I hate the thought of being harassed by salespeople asking me to check out their scents. Also, there are fragrance counters that can be too intimidating at times, most especially those high-end ones. I am just glad that I attended the event, for I think I'd be able to finally check out a lot of scents I've been interested on, without those annoying salespeople and being pressured to buy.

Fresh Fragrance Bar
A free standing retail concept store that aims to provide an extensive selection of premium imported scents from luxury designer brands to retail favorites, as well as the latest from sports, fashion and entertainment superstars. Their store has a vibrant, hip design which can make your perfume shopping leisurely and fun. It is operated by Scent & Beaute Concepts, Inc. which also owns the luxury fragrance boutique Art of Scent in Newport Mall, Resorts World.

The store is roomy, which makes it easy for people to go around to check different scents. Their signature color blue is just right, totally makes the ambiance fresh, fun and light.

oh yes, that's Shen checking out our favorite scent...D&G Light Blue!

Martha trying out their testers. Yep, you can actually hold the bottle and test it on yourself! No need to worry about those annoying salespeople following you and insisting on checking this and that perfume.

They do have trained staff but they will just assist you when you actually need them. They can surely help you find the right scent for you. Also, no need to worry about your sense of smell getting messed up from sniffing too much..they have coffee beans you can sniff on to help you normalize your smell again.

They have Victoria Secrets and Bath & Body Works products to cater to young people or even to the young-at-heart! They encourage people to start to find their signature scent even at a young age.

On a budget? No worries. The store offers flexible payment schemes, promotions and loyalty programs so you can easily afford your preferred scent and still make sure that you are buying the real deal.

I had a great time checking out different perfumes in the store, without getting nasty stares from staff. They have been so accommodating and helpful when I was trying out different scents from Victoria Secrets. They are also good because they just know what to recommend for any type of scent you want to try.

I still have bottles of perfumes at home so I got some Victoria Secrets and Bath & Body works instead. I am planning to give them to some of my friends as a gift, and hopefully I won't keep them for myself instead.

FreSH Fragrance Bar is located at Eastwood Mall in Libis, Abreeza Mall in Davao and Marquee Mall in Pampanga. They are opening their stores in the Garden Wing of Alabang Town Center and Podium Mall in Ortigas.

Makeup Sale!

I have a few stuff up for sale: Pre-loved and some brand new makeup, brushes and some skin care.
Check it out here.
Drop me an email for any inquiries or reservations :)


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Product Review: Milani Liquif-eye Metallic Eyeliner Pencil

Eversince I learned how to line my peepers, my eye makeup will never be complete without eyeliners. I've recently reviewed my HG gel liner, and gel liners are the ones I preferred to use because they are easy to apply and the color payoff is awesome. But there are times when the space on my makeup kit is so limited for a separate gel liner and brush (just because I prefer using another brush). Good thing there's a great alternative to my HG gel liner that gives the same effect, if not even better!

Milani Liquif Metallic Eyeliner Pencil

Extremely smooth eye pencil with the application and feel of a liquid liner that delivers true color payoff, in a metallic finish with a long-lasting wear.

Available in Black, Silver, Gold, Aqua and Brown

Colors look vibrant already even without swatching!

Milani Liquif Eye liners in Gold, Aqua and Black

after setting, I've rubbed my fingers on the swatch:

They did smudge a little (so very little), but still acceptable. Besides, I don't think we'd rub our eyes like that if we know we're wearing eye makeup/liners!

now a test to see if they are waterproof:


swatches are still intact!

I've rubbed the swatches again and...

so there, once wet and then smudged, it'll finally move. but still, you'll need a makeup remover (in my case, i use my Ponds cold cream) to remover all traces.

what I love:
  • Application is such a breeze since it smoothly glides on without any tugging of the eye area.
  • This is the only eye liner that stays on my waterlines.
  • Color payoff is so awesome, a lot of people thought I'm using a gel eyeliner.
  • It's cheaper than other eye liners that works the same, Urban Decay 24/7 liners for example.
  • No itchiness or any sort of allergies on my eye area
  • the one in shade of Black is the blackest of all black eyeliners I've used

what I hate:
  • it's so soft, so it's a pain to sharpen. what I do anyway is to put it in the freezer for 5-10minutes before sharpening it and this definitely helps
  • not sold locally, but fortunately we have local resellers here like Digitaltraincase who sells it for P350

will I repurchase?

I just asked Digitaltraincase to reserve another Aqua for me. And I'll be getting another Black soon for I am totally setting aside my UD 24/7 liner in Zero

I wish it comes in other colors like Purple, Green, White, etc. though.


Monday, December 12, 2011

Give your simple eye makeup an extra Omph! + current favorites

On days that I am running late (which is really becoming more often), I try to veer away from using too much colors for my eyeshadow, to cut my blending effort in half. I usually use a light brown shade for my crease, then a shimmery, almost skin tone shade for my lid.

But to give this look an extra oomph, I'd use a colorful eyeliner together with the (mandatory) black eyeliner

Tonymoly eyebrow liner
Benefit Lemon Aid
Beauty Pro e/s in Khaki Sienna and Shimmer Beige
Milani Liquif-eye liners in Aqua and Black
Prestige eyeliner in White
MAC Brow set in Girl Boy
Majolica Majorca Lash Expander in Blue Black (Glass Trick collection)
Benefit Eye Bright

Whenever I use a colored eyeliner, I'd still use a black eyeliner below it, as close as possible to the lash lines. Well, eyeliners help give an illusion of thick and luscious lashes. And I don't think using other colors aside from the natural color of your lashes would look natural. So black liner topped with your preferred eyeliner shade is the way to go...still looking natural + an extra pop on your eye makeup.

Tonymoly Snail BB Cream
Benefit Erase Paste and Boi-ing
NYX Matte Not Flat HD powder in Nude
Revlon Matte blush in Blushing Berry
MAC Sculpt and Shape

NYX Matte lipstick in Aubrey

I LOVE Benefit Eye Bright! It's my favorite in my Confessions of Concealaholic kit. It's amazing how it gives me that "awake" look despite always being sleepy...I don't get more than 5hrs of sleep during weekdays, that's why! I am so gonna get this in full size, together with Moon Beam, Hello Flawless! and Benetint. And yes, their store is opening this December 15 at Greenbelt 5!

Another current favorite is the NYX Matte Not Flat powder. It provides coverage while keeping your face matte, that doesn't look dull. The reason? It has tiny shimmers (very tiny) that is just enough to give you a fresh, bright look. Oh, I know it's confusing but I encourage you to check it out and try it. When I first learned from Digitaltraincase that she'll be offering it, the words "Matte, not flat" totally intrigued me and immediately reserved the shade that I think would suit me. Nude is my perfect shade!

It's the beginning of another work week, and I was able to enjoy this weekend (sans having to work on a Sunday, again) since my sister celebrated her debut last Saturday. It was a blast, and I'm such a proud big sister for having a beautiful (and brainy) and awesome little sister...which is not so little anymore, she's taller than me already!

And here's something to start up your week:


Have a great week ahead, everybody!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's been a while... I guess it won't hurt to do a bit of accessories' shopping again:

I love this necklace. surprisingly, I didn't get any cross necklace this time

nah, these are earrings..not bangles! well, it's just because some of my colleagues would say that my earrings can pass up as bangles

I'm also loving these great buys:

that's 7 pairs of earrings...all for a reasonable price!

I tried avoiding F21, but their accessories are just too cute! So can we end my accessories' shopping ban now?

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