Thursday, December 8, 2011

Benefit Cosmetics Philippines: A Sneak Peek

'twas one of our VERY rare office holidays, and after weeks of working almost 7 days a week, I should've been staying at home and savoring this once in a blue moon chance to sit back and relax. But I just couldn't say NO to an invite that would also give me a VERY rare chance to be one of the first people to check out this awesome cosmetics brand, that lots of people have been waiting for to arrive in the Philippines.

Oh yes dear readers, Benefit Cosmetics is finally opening its store here!

"I'm so gorgeous, I make myself nervous!" - we laughed so hard after reading this. Geesh, I secretly hoped I'd be able to say this one day..without people throwing stuff at me, of course! hahaha!

Upon arrival we were greeted by Ms. Gorgeous herself, Aubrey, and escorted to this room:

oh yes, we got our hands first on these newly opened testers. we were told that we can check out everything!

we were like little kids served with all the toys we've always wanted to have!

I could stare at all of these all day!

I regret not having this on my list...but, I'll get this soon! (can't wait)

I'm not really into blushes, but after trying out Bella Bamba, it became my instant favorite! It gives me just enough flushed it!

palettes, powders...their Hello, Flawless powders are so good! you can pile it up on your face but it won't look cakey at all.
(darn, my wish list is getting longer)

their EDTs...too cute! and smells awesome too.
I personally love Bella!

lipstick in Shy
(you know how much i love pink yeah, this one goes to my wish list too!)

their eyeshadows are also great, pigmented and easy to blend

and yes, their highlighters and lip/cheek tints!
I was told Moon Beam would suit me, so I tried it and I wondered why I haven't tried luminizers/highlighters before!

This is me after trying out Benefit products (concealer, primer, powder, blush, highlighter)...the eyes? Beauty Pro Cosmetics, of course! :)

I didn't have the heart to eat this at first, because it's too cute...but I eventually did!

yum yum!

I wish I could have one like this at home

well hello there, Martha!

Aubrey showing us the Benefit surely did make my list grow longer!
Inside are the history of the brand and the list of all Benefit products and their prices...

It was an informal, but very fun event. We're like little kids playing with toys with all their newly-opened testers. We checked, tested them all to our hearts' content...I think we spent more than an hour checking out what Benefit has to offer. It wasn't my first time to try out Benefit products, as my dear friend Grace sent me a few years ago...but after this event, I am certainly lemming for a number of their products!

We all enjoyed this event, ain't it too obvious in the pictures!?

Thanks Aubrey and Benefit Cosmetics Philippines for inviting me and giving me the chance to have a peek on what the brand has to offer. We all know that a lot of people here in the Philippines have been wishing that you'll open up stores here...and now it's coming true! No more ordering online from resellers or from international shopping sites!

I got to take home the Confessions of a Concealaholic kit and Boi-ing concealer (oh yes, these suits me for I'm such a concealer addict!)

Their first store will open at 1pm on December 15, 2011 at Greenbelt 5
(where Jurlique used to be)

Be there to grab your favorite Benefit products and say Hi to me just in case I'd be able to make it.



Gellie Abogado said...

Gaaah! Benefit! XD

Issa said...

wow! these are gorgeous! love their makeup station! :)

Jamilla Camel said...

What a great event - so much fun!

anythiiinggoes said...

Ahhhh! Benefit!♥ Looking forward for the reviews of the concealers! :)

umei said...

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The Beauty Junkee said...

hahaha. mukha akong pagod sa pagtayo ng two hours! can't help it! ganda ng benefit! :D

Unknown said...

Parang super pagod pero super enjoy yung mga pumunta sa event. He he he, Anyway, if naghahanap po kayo ng online shopping store where you can buy make-up and cosmetics, you can visit Kallony. They offer authentic make-up brands in the Philippines.

beautyforashestalk said...

It seemed that you really enjoyed your time there. I love benefits cosmetics and at Keekay makeup online shop, we will be selling these products soon :)

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