Saturday, December 3, 2011

Flutter False Eyelashes...

Whenever I'm off to a makeup gig, one of the things I make sure I don't forget to bring are false eyelashes. Most of the clients I've worked with are either scared of getting their lashes curled by an eyelash curler or they just prefer wearing falsies to of course have a more luscious set of lashes.

I've tried a lot of brands already: Ardell, Elise, Faceshop, MAC or even those from Landmark (I'm sure most of our local makeup artists know about this). All of them are good, but well, the cheapest (except those from Landmark) would be P130++/a pair and those from Landmark cost less than Php50/pair. This would be okay if you're on a "paid" makeup gig...but if not, this will cause a dent on your wallet most especially if you'd be working on a number of people. I've tried those that are cheaper than what I get from Landmark but they are not of good quality anymore.

Good thing my search for an affordable, and good quality false eyelashes is finally over...thanks to Flutter False Eyelashes!

sleek, black packaging is such a PLUS!

A box has 10 pairs and what I also love about this is that it's so easy to remove the lashes from the box. Each set of lashes is attached to the box with a pair of small gold stickers. It's easy to detach them, all you have to do is to slightly pull the set of lashes. I've had experiences where the lashes got deformed or some of the hairs got pulled off because it's just so hard to remove them from the packaging.

Flutter offers 5 different kinds:





Drama Queen

These lashes are not made of natural hair, but they are comfy to use and another great thing is that you can re-use them. The hairs are not easily deformed, just make sure to remove the dried glue and your lashes are ready to use again.

Best part? A box of 10 pairs costs Php350. So that's Php35 a pair. A LOT cheaper than the other brands I've used before but with its packaging, it surely won't look cheap.

Flutter is being sold online at Beauty and Minerals. You can also check them out at Beauty and Minerals' booth at the Rockwell Moonlit Bazaar. And oh, I'm looking forward to meeting you as I'll be staying at Digitaltraincase's booth this weekend for makeovers and consultations. Please say HI if you see me. I'll be thrilled to meet you!




laneige couture said...

wow! i wish they have assorted designs in one box so i can try whats best for me..i simply cant get all if i would not use it as much

stylezhop said...

hi where do you get your lashes from? i'm interested in buying :)

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