Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our satisfying lunch at Coco's Restaurant...

When I was in Dubai, I  didn't really get to eat much Arabic food since Mr. X is not into that in the first place.  He isn't as adventurous as I am when it comes to food as well.  I didn't mind though, as I'm the type who would eat anything (well, except for liver and okra!)  One restaurant that I would surely not forget is Coco's.  We went there for lunch before heading off to our Dubai Sand Safari adventure.  I love the food and I promised myself that I would go back to check out the rest of their menu.

Here's what we had:

free bread

this alone almost made me full.  it has the right kind of taste and softness that surely goes well with butter.  i think i asked more of this after finishing two pieces. I actually asked Mr. X if we can ask more for our take-away. LOL!

and there's me, enjoying our bread!

Cream of mushroom soup
(20 Dhs)
The restaurant's soup of the day.  Creamy, hot soup to start off the meal.

Sweet N' Spicy Wings
(34 Dhs)
Mexican marinated chicken wings baked and tossed with sweet and spicy sauce.

I LOVE CHICKEN WINGS, actually, i love anything chicken! My friends can attest to that.  I can finish an entire bucket in one sitting.  This one's no exception. It's different from other chicken wings I've tried.  I've tasted other chicken wings where the taste only lies on the skin.  This one is not!  It's so yummy that I can't stop gushing about it during lunch.  The wings are small, but i think there's more than a dozen pieces in this serving.   

Assorted Grilled Seafood
(79 Dhs)
Fish fillet, shrimps and squid, marinated in lemon and pepper, served with vegetables

Another jackpot! We were checking out their menu and since Mr. X can't seem to remember what he had in his previous visit (sign of old age, maybe? LOL) he decided to get this instead.  He knows I love seafood too (i told you, I EAT EVERYTHING...well, almost!) I love how this dish is cooked just right, unlike others that are either too raw or too cooked that you can hardly taste the sweetness/freshness of the seafood.  Again, this one comes in big serving, but I didn't give up on it...i finished everything, even asked for some dessert after! 

We visited their branch in Deira City Center.  Most of the food attendants are Filipinos, and we felt at home immediately with their warm smiles and very welcoming gestures.  The ambiance is very good, not noisy considering it's lunch time when we went there.   I've had some experiences dining in at some restaurants here where the crowd were laughing or talking too loud that I can't even concentrate on my food.  This place can be a good place to bring your date, IMHO.  

Prices are reasonable, just don't start converting to your local currency.  1Dh is Php12 approx.  Good thing I wasn't the one paying, so I didn't really mind. LOL!  But yes, the prices are a bit high but for the quality of food and service, it's definitely worth it.

One thing's for sure, I am going back to Coco's the next time I visit Dubai!

They currently have 3 branches (accdg to this site):

2nd Level, Near Cine Star Deira City Center
Khalid Al Attar Tower. Sheikh Zayed Road
Jumeirah Beach Residence, opposite Sheraton Jumeirah

Ahh, i miss Coco's!


Ice said...

Gotta check this one out when I'm in dubai! The food looks yummy! I went gaga and ate like crazy when I saw that there was a Barrio Fiesta at the burjuman mall hahaha...i sO wanna visit dubai again...

Issa said...

the food looks yummy! :)

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