Saturday, January 21, 2012

Product Review: Forever Flawless Erythromycin 2% Solution

I just came from somewhere cold, and based on experience, the cold season causes my skin to get clogged. My skin is just weird like that. It looks like my skin prefers summer season, after all.


And since I don't always have the time to see my dermatologist to give my nasty face bumps a shot, I turn to readily available topical solutions. One of those is a toner which has an antibacterial/anti-inflammatory properties like erythromycin. Don't worry, this is of course recommended by a dermatologist and not something that I just thought of using. Self-medication is a no-no!

Erythromycin 2% Solution from Forever Flawless
(for Mild to Moderate Acne)

I've been using this for months now, but I don't use it everyday...just on days when I have (very) problematic skin or when I feel like pimples would be erupting anytime soon. Erythromycin prevents clogging by removing dead skin cells and deep-seated dirt caused mainly by makeup (in my case).

How I use it:

I pour some solution on a cotton pad and wipe it quickly on my entire face avoiding the eye area. Then I dab the cotton pad on those areas with pimples for like 5 seconds. I use it at night and I wear sunblock with a higher SPF in the morning since this makes the skin more sensitive to the sun.

I used to have erythromycin toner pads from another brand before which also works but is more expensive. Good thing I've found a great alternative at a reasonable price from Flawless.

I got this a few months ago so forgive me if I can't remember how much this costs (sign of old age, LOL!) I'll update this blog post once I get the exact price.

As for my skin, it's getting a lot better now since I started using this again days ago. I'll be visiting my dermatologist this weekend for a facial and hopefully, my skin will be completely okay soon.

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