Monday, January 30, 2012

Soap & Glory Deep Pore Detox Mask...

I initially wanted to put "Something New" on the title but, this stuff isn't really new...well at least to me (and some of my readers), it is.

When I first see these products from Soap & Glory at Boots back in Dubai, I thought they are from Benefit so I checked them out (yep, I'm a sucker for cute packaging!)  So when I realized they're not, I turned my back and walked away...kidding!   Hahaha.  Seriously, I've spent some time checking out their products.  They have skincare and cosmetics, boxed in cute retro pink packaging that made me want to buy everything!  LOL.

I didn't buy anything the first time I saw them, but a day before my flight back here, I went up to this mall right in front of our hotel to check Boots for the last time.  I honestly wanted to buy a lot, but after realizing that it's awfully more expensive in Dubai, I tried to hold  myself back.  So I only bought this:

Soap & Glory Deep Pore Detox Mask

The word "Poreclear" got me sold!  LOL.  I got this for Dhs90, so it's probably Php1000+.  I've read online that it's being sold for more or less $15 in the US, so yeah...Dubai is one hell of an expensive place!  But it's not locally available, so I don't  really regret getting it.  Actually, I seriously wanna kick myself for not getting other stuff from this brand.  I've only used this once and I love it, I'll post my review soon. 

it comes with a free pink smoothing sponge, which got me more excited...shallow me! LOL!

For now, I need to be a good girl so I can ask Mr. X to get me more items from this brand.  If he doesn't give in, I could always ask my MIL back in the US to get them for me.

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Ice said...

Oh yes! We suffer from the same "ridiculously expensive" phenomenon here in KsA! But at least dubai has most of the popular brands like urban decay and tarte, etc...not in KSA:(( and the available stuff that we get here is twice the price tag compared to almost everywhere else! Can u believe that a MAc single pan eyeshadow here is 86sr, around 990php while refill costs 68sr, approx 790php...

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