Monday, January 23, 2012

Something New: Revlon Top Speed Fast Dry Nail Enamel

I would have to say that Revlon never fails to amaze us with drool-worthy stuff which we cannot resist including in our vanity bins.  Just days ago I posted about their yummy, candy-like lip butters which I am loving (and so does my mom!) and for today, let me tell you about their latest offering when it comes to beautifying our nails (though I know this isn't so new anymore, 'coz I'm always late, sorry!)

Revlon Top Speed Fast Dry Nail Enamel
Revlon Top Speed's patented formula delivers amazingly quick color, with a built-in topcoat that rises to the surface for a glossy, ultra smooth manicure that sets in 60 seconds.  The ColorPrecise brush ensures even, smooth, salon quality every time.

Bubble - Vintage - Emerald - Pink Lingerie - Sheer Pearl - Violet
Formula's a little thick but it does apply smoothly and takes more than a minute to dry.  I can say that the fast-dry polish from another brand dries up faster, but i hate their applicator brush.  The brush from these ones are great and with just the right length for smooth and easy application.  I also love the opaque finish of some of the shades: Bubble, Emerald and Violet where single coat is already enough.   My polish lasts for a good 3-4 days before it would start chipping which I can already consider good, since with other polishes, I'd find the color chipping off in a day or two.

Finish is shiny, so yes, no need for a separate top coat.  I've only tried Bubble which stayed on my nails for almost a week and it didn't leave any stains after removing it.  I'll check out the other darker shades that I have though.





Pink Lingerie

Sheer Pearl

There are 32 shades available but I'm not sure how many are available locally. I wanna get Chili, Electric and Peachy soon...perfect for summer!  As for the price, let me get back to you on that since these babies were given as gifts by our friends from Revlon (super THANKS!)

til next time!


Erica J said...

thanx for the swatches! i know that took you forever haha!i love bubble and pink lingerie, really pretty! I awarded your blog! go grab your badge!

Issa said...

aawww, i love bubble! i think this was the one i complimented on your other post! :)

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